10 of the Most Dave Grohl Things Dave Grohl Did in 2018

... and this is just in the last year

January 14, 2019
Dave Grohl turns 50 years old on January 14, 2019

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Today, January 14, 2019 is a big day for Dave Grohl. Well, to be honest, every day is probably a big day for Dave Grohl. But, anyway, today is the legend's 50th birthday! So let's party like DAVE FREAKIN' GROHL!!!

To celebrate five decades of the guy everyone wants to have a beer with, we started thinking about all the Dave Grohl things that we've seen Dave Grohl do. Our list actually got so big that we decided to trim it to just the Dave Grohl things the Foo Fighters frontman did in 2018. Because, well, let's be honest, 2018 was just another year of Dave Grohl being Dave Grohl and doing a whole mess of Dave Grohl things.

So without any further delay, in celebration of his 50th birthday, here are our Top 10 Dave Grohl moments of 2018:


Dave Grohl Has Fun With Drunk Stage-Crasher

You really never know what will happen at a Foo Fighters concert. A lot of that probably has to do with the 50-year-old just being himself, but sometimes it has to do with his rabid fans. Of course, even when the crowd isn't made up of diehard Foo fans, Grohl still manages to roll with it. Like this amazing moment from last week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. 


Dave Grohl Invites Blind Child to Side of the Stage

What most people love about Grohl, whether they're big fans or not, is just how normal and cool the former Nirvana drummer always seems to be. For instance, back in October, Grohl invited a blind child and his parents to the side of the stage during a show and then, mid-song, allowed the young man to touch Grohl's guitar.


Dave Grohl Cooks BBQ for Firefighters

Most people probably know about Dave Grohl's passion for being a good human. But maybe not too many people are fully aware of Grohl's passion for BBQ. As parts of California were dealing with devastating wildfires last year, Dave Grohl just did what Dave Grohl does. He pulled his Backbeat BBQ truck into Los Angeles and started serving up some meat.


Dave Grohl Shops at an Arts & Crafts Store

Dave Grohl is a dad, so he probably has to make a craft store runs every now and then, right? But all the credit to Grohl for being up to take a photo with fans anywhere. Literally, anywhere.


Dave Grohl Leaves the Most Metal Bar Tip Ever

This was one of the most viral Dave Grohl moments of 2018. When the rock-god got a bill for $333 from the bar, he did what Dave Grohl does and left a tip that would make his total bill the envy of every heavy metal band on the planet.


Foo Fighters Bring 'Little Fonzie' On Stage And He Won't Leave

Bringing people up, especially young fans, is kind of a thing with the Foo Fighters. Of course, there are times when Dave Grohl has to point out that some fans, no matter how great they are, have overstayed their welcome. Case in point, the 8-year-old drummer dubbed 'Little Fonzie.'


Dave Grohl "Falls" Off Stage Just to Mess With Fans

Maybe it's his ability to laugh at himself that makes Grohl so relatable to fans. In fact, following that 2015 incident when Grohl broke his leg during a show, but continued the tour, the epitome of a rockstar would repeatedly prank fans, including most notably when the band returned to the scene of the fall for the first time since it happened.


Dave Grohl Judged a BBQ Contest

Some music icons are really into awards shows or nightclubs. Not Dave Grohl. You know what Dave Grohl likes? Yup, BBQ, that's what Dave Grohl likes. See what happened when Dave Grohl stopped by a BBQ competition back in May.


Dave Grohl Brings 'Kiss Guy' Up for "Monkey Wrench"

Having your own 'Dave Grohl experience' is probably one-part having Grohl notice you and one-part doing something Dave likes. Like, say, being able to hang with the whole band on stage during a performance of a Foo Fighters hit.  


Dave Grohl Chugs a Beer, Immediately Falls Off Stage

There a couple things that are sort of standard for Dave Grohl and things we expect to happen. One is he'll probably have a beer from time-to-time. Another is that there is always a chance he'll fall off stage. And sometimes those two things just happen to go hand-in-hand.


There you have our favorite 10 Dave Grohl moments of 2018 in celebration of his 50th birthday. Happy birthday, Dave. Here's to another 50 years of as Dave Grohl as you possibly can be.