George Clanton and 311's Nick Hexum Discuss How They Connected for New Project

August 3, 2020

There’s a shared fantasy among young musicians and it goes a little like this. Somehow, through some cosmic unicorn magic, your songs gets into the hands of your music hero, and they’re so blown away you become best friends and make music together. Well, that’s exactly what happened to George Clanton when Nick Hexum of 311 heard Clanton’s trippy tunes.

Before this collaboration, electronic musician George Clanton had already carved out a nice chunk of space in the vaporwave music scene. He created his own record label and vaporwave music fest 100% ElectronICON.

In comes Nick Hexum, 311 frontman of the legendary alt/reggae/rock band currently celebrating their thirtieth anniversary, and he likes Clanton’s music so much, he asks if Clanton wants to collaborate! Not a lot of established artists would make such an offer, and that generous vibe is probably why we like 311 so much.

Watch the video for all the juicy details and hear tunes like “Topanga State of Mind” and “Aurora Summer” Sunday nights on KROQ Locals Only!

George Clanton & Nick Hexum’s album is out now:

George Clanton Nick Hexum