The Palms Cover Lana Del Rey's 'Love'

March 30, 2018

Bridging the gap between Laurel Canyon folk and West Coast beats, The Palms -- who is Ben Rothbard and Johnny Zambetti -- create a true modern LA sound. Today (March 30), they've made available their cover of Lana Del Rey's "Love" from her Lust For Life album. 

"We've both been big fans of LDR's work, since she first announced herself to the world with 'Blue Jeans' and 'Video Games," says The Palms' Ben Rothbard on their choice of the cover. "Both being born and raised in LA, her music and vintage Hollywood aesthetic struck a chord with us, as well as her genre bending take on pop music. In 2016, we played on a festival bill with her and was blown away by the love we received from her fans, many of whom are still supporting us.  They're as loyal and passionate of a fanbase as you will find.  End of the day, this is our way of saying we dig what she does, while also putting our own little spin on it."

Currently The Palms are supporting their independently released mixtape album Mulholland Dr which was written, recorded and produced out of their tiny home studio in Malibu, CA on super old gear they coin "vintage digital." A complete DIY act, they garner over half a million streams monthly on Spotify.

You can catch The Palms live at the Troubadour on April 3, presented by Kat Corbett's Locals Only.