Photo: Rob Loud

The Killers Invite Teen Fan Onstage to Play Drums

July 25, 2018

By Scott T. Sterling

The next time drummer François Ristorcelli is looking to try out for a band, he’ll have one very impressive audition tape.

Ristorcelli was in the Lollapalooza Paris crowd to see the Killers, and he went to the show with a dream: to actual play drums with the band during their set. Lead singer Brandon Flowers saw Ristorcelli’s sign reading “Can I Drum?” from the stage, and actually took him up on his offer.

The young drummer didn’t hesitate at the invitation to play “For Reasons Unknown” from 2006 album Sam’s Town, confidently striding onstage and having a quick conference with Flowers and Killers drummer Ronnie Vanucci Jr.

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Vanucci gave Ristocelli a thumbs up after he cooly handled the song’s intro as the teen went on to nail the entire song, much to the delight of Flowers and the Lollapalooza Paris crowd.

The young drummer earned hugs from both Vanucci (who let Ristocelli keep his drumsticks) and Flowers for a job well done, with Flowers also taking a moment for a quick onstage selfie.

See how it all went down below.