Kevin, Allie & Jensen's: What’s Up with Florida?


Kevin In The Morning: What’s Up with Florida?

Florida always seems to have the craziest news stories

February 27, 2020

It is stories like these that make us love the sunshine state so much.

We’ve all heard of support dogs, pigs, and even Lucha Libre mini horses, but when it comes to Nelson Gibson’s dialysis in Port. St. Lucie, Fl. His idea of what makes him comfortable may be different than anyone else. He wanted to take a life-sized cardboard cut-out of President Donald Trump giving two thumbs up with a big smile with him into a medical facility for dialysis. He’s been carrying around small photos for a long time and this one was given to him by his son. Nurses at the medical treatment facility told him it was “too much.” Gibson does make a point with the other B.S. that he has to put up with from the other patients. One pops bubble wrap, which is awful. For now, he’s fighting the decision, but as it stands, he cannot take Donald Trump with him for dialysis treatment, which is sad.

A Florida man named Nicholas Imhoff, 29-years-old was arrested this past weekend in Billings Mt. He was speeding down I-90 while driving a minivan. He rented the van in Las Vegas, and when the troopers saw that he was getting nervous, they seized the van and found 78 pounds of meth in underfloor storage compartments. If you’re looking for something to reference that to, it’s about the size of a 12-year-old. Approximately 282,672 individual doses, by far the largest amount of meth we've seen in a single traffic stop. 68 pounds was found in 2017. He’s in custody for intent to distribute.

Stefan Short, 28, of DeLand, Florida had a good strategy for the game show Supermarket Sweep, and he tried it out in real life. A civilian and store manager of a Save-A-Lot in DeLand, Fl. caught him stealing so they pinned him down and decided to call the police. Short fought back, wriggled out of his clothes naked until he was naked and free managed to get away. As the police arrived Short was seen running with $41.24 worth of Rib Eye steaks that he was trying to attempt to steal falling out of his pants. He was shot with a Taser and taken to the hospital. He’s being held on bail for Petty Theft, no word yet on the Tasing made the steaks medium-rare or well done.

Kevin, Allie & Jensen's: What’s Up with Florida?
DeLand, police

Jonathan Connors, 32-years-old from Fl. was arrested on his 4th DUI after refusing to take a breath test. Deputies pulled him over because his tag light was too dim to be able to see his license plate. When they came to his window he admitted to being “high as f--k” after smoking Marijuana earlier in the day. Deputies smelled alcohol on his breath and failed a field sobriety test. He’ll add that to his already long rap sheet of several charges of driving with a suspended license, possession of drug paraphernalia, refusing testing, 4 marijuana possessions, 4 driving without headlights, 2 resisting arrests, 2 running a stop sign, 1 open container violation, 1 fleeing police, 1 cocaine possession, battering a police officer, and a partridge in a pear tree. And, guess what? He was released again on $10,000 dollars bail.

Lastly, sometimes when you buy a new house, you may find a dead pet buried in the back yard. Well, not in Florida, where a home inspector doing an estimate called police because he found preserved jars. They opened the jars and found human tongues, some of them dating back to the ‘60s. The tongues and human tissue belonged to Dr. Ronald Baughman. The remains were to be used for research on Thyroid Problems. Dr. Baughman got too busy with the work he was doing at a university, so he never got around to actually doing the research, Which is the most Florida excuse ever.