Kevin In The Morning: Animal Stories


Kevin In The Morning: Animal Stories

Allie loves funny animal stories so much that she brings us all the great stories of animals in the news

February 20, 2020

Allie searches far and wide to find all the best and hilarious stories involving animals from around the world.

There’s a lot of crossover between Florida stories, People Are Dumb stories from Florida, and now Animal Stories because bad things happen in Florida. In 1992 almost 1,000 Burmese Pythons escaped into the Florida Everglades, now the population has exploded to over 300,000. They are completely decimating native wildlife populations in the everglades and it’s a big issue. Enter Florida 2020 Python Bowl! More than 750 people from 20 states took part in the 10-day competition. The winner, Guardians of the ‘Glades star Mike “Python Cowboy” Kimmel was crowned the 2020 Python Bowl Champion. He removed 8 invasive Pythons from the wild. While former champion Dusty “Wildman” Krump was unable to repeat, however, he did place second in the Heaviest Python category. First place for the heaviest python weighed 62 pounds. The longest python was 12 feet 7.3 inches!!!

An Evergreen Colorado woman has lured deer into her home to feed the wild animals. She calls them from the wild to walk into her home. There’s a self-shot video of her with carrots, apples, and bananas on a table in her basement. These are huge animals just strolling into her home. The woman talks to then and calls them by different names. She’s bonkers! She has been warned and she will be arrested because this is super unethical to feed big game. She’s ruining the ecosystem. It’s a bad idea all around, plus she’s bonkers.

Sometimes at the end of a newscast, they play a clip of a water-skiing squirrel. Well, there’s now a problem. In Vancouver, they had the water skiing squirrel at a boating expo., and they decided that they were not going to have the squirrel perform, even though he’s an educational lifejacket, water safety presentation squirrel. They are stating that it breaks municipal bylaws. It’s been different squirrels over the years and currently, it’s a squirrel named Twiggy, and they’re taking away work from him.

It takes on brave person to ride a 1-ton bucking bull. What if that brave man brought that same 1-ton bull into a senior center, and they sit on the bull? He’s bringing bulls into senior centers and people are hopping on and taking pictures.