Great News: Meet the Bus Driver who Saved Seven Kids from A Burning School Bus

Canadian Press

Great News: Meet the Bus Driver who Saved Seven Kids from A Burning School Bus

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January 27, 2020


Today on Kevin in the Morning with Allie & Jensen we have GREAT NEWS stories for you. We find news stories that make you feel good and restore your faith in humanity to balance out all the bad news you hear on the news.

This morning Jensen introduced us to 61-year-old Paulette Rossi from Eastern Ontario Canada. She said she was acting on pure instinct when she jumped into action to save seven kids from a burning School Bus. When she noticed a little bit of black smoke coming from the back of her school bus, she knew she didn’t have long because she had just fueled up earlier that morning. She quickly hurried seven children off the bus. Right as the last student was got off the bus to account for all of them, the entire bus burst into flames. The bus was burnt to a crisp. The bus shows the possibility of what could have happened if she had not jumped into action. The craziest part of this story is that all the children involved only got home 10 minutes later than they normally do. She credits the evacuation training she received is what helped save the children. In an interview, she wanted to let the parents of the children know where her priorities lie. These kids now have a cool story to tell. This was Jensen’s GREAT NEWS!!!

Allie brought our attention to Kayla Tartaglia in Philadelphia. She returned home from the Wawa convenience store only to realize she left her wallet there. That wallet contained all of her credit cards, cash, and a key to her house in it. She called the store to see if anyone had turned it in, sadly no one had. It was the worst feeling in the world. However, the next day, her view of humanity changed. Her missing wallet turned up in her mailbox just blocks from the Wawa. Nothing had been touched or taken and there was a note on it that read, “I found your wallet at the parking lot at Tyson and Brous at 5:30 a.m. on August 1 walking by. My name is Jim. I am homeless. I hang out at McDonald’s at Cottman Ave.” So Kayla went to that McDonald’s to meet Jim and thank him. This was Allie’s GREAT NEWS!!!

Kevin told us about Kamalu Rosa. He is a surfer from Waikiki Hawaii. Recently on the beach, he met a woman named Stephanie who has Cerebral Palsy. She is unable to walk, but she has always wanted to surf. He told her that he would be able to help her with that. So he grabbed his surfboard and took it to the water. He came back, picked up Stephanie and carried her back to the surfboard they both got on the surfboard and he took her surfing. They went out on the water and had the time of their lives.  Rosa said. “If I have the opportunity to make somebody’s — day help 'um out in the ocean. Take 'um surfing. I try to seize the moment. It brought us tears out there. She was so excited and happy. It touched everybody in the ocean. It was an unbelievable experience.” This is now what Rosa does, now. He helps people one on one with surfing. Allie also listed great charities that also help disabled people with surfing like, Life Rolls On and A Walk on Water surf therapy who put on events every weekend. This was Kevin’s GREAT NEWS!!!

Great News: Kamalu Rosa surfs with Stephanie