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The Fast Food Report with Jensen Karp

Jensen finds new fast food menu items and we decide whether to Eat It or Beat It

January 23, 2020

The Fast Food industry and Quick Service Restaurants are always evolving with companies and their kitchens constantly trying new things and testing recipes. They are looking to find new customers and bring them into their restaurants and hopefully earn new customers. Jensen describes these new items to us and we decide if we would try them, or not.

Dave the “King of Mexico’s” favorite restaurant, 7-Eleven, has introduced the breakfast pizza. It’s a personalized 5-inch pizza because they know nobody wants to share it with you. The Breakfast Pizza features a flaky biscuit crust topped with creamy white gravy, scrambled eggs, sausage crumbles, bacon, ham, and a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheese. It’s only $2.00 and it’s available during morning hours for and by request during other times of the day. Wake me up with a slice, or cut open my scrotum with a very sharp knife? Eat It or Beat It Here’s our take:

Allie doesn’t have a scrotum, so Beat It!

Kevin thinks it’s worth a try, so Eat It!

Beer Mug says they had him at creamy white gravy, so Eat It!

After a successful three-city test, Jack in the Box is launching its Tiny Tacos. Their tacos already have a cult-like following. They are very popular and very good. So they have taken the crowd pleaser and put into a smaller snack-sized format, about the size of a playing card and they will come with an avocado lime sauce for dunking. You can get a 15-pack for $3.00. The loaded version comes loaded with shredded lettuce, cheese, and taco sauce for $4.00. Yes, little tacos are what I need or Show me a picture from when I was conceived? Eat It or Beat It? Here’s our take:

Kevin wants the $3 ones and the $4 ones, so Eat It!

In a surprise move, Beer Mug has already tried them before he started his current cleanse, so Eat It!

Allie would absolutely Eat It!

Some wild concoctions come out of South Korea, it is a true fast food testing grounds. The Area 51 of QSR’s, and now KFC is testing their new Fall In Cream Cheese Zinger Burger there. It’s a terrible name but, it features a spicy seasoned chicken breast and spicy sauce, all topped with deep-fried sweet cream cheese balls on a sesame seed bun and the cream cheese balls are described as being “soft and chewy like cotton candy.” It’s available a la carte at participating locations for around $5.52 and in meal combos. Dip me in cream cheese-like its cotton candy or force me to French kiss the corpse of Jessica Tandy? Eat It or Beat It? Here’s our take:

Beer Mug thinks this burger could unite the two Korea’s, so Eat It!

Allie thinks that sounds disgusting, so Beat It!

Kevin said they had him at “soft and chewy” balls, so Eat It!

For our next item, we’ll stay in South Korea where Mc Donald’s is debuting their new McChicken Mozzarella. It’s basically the standard McChicken stuffed with two mozzarella sticks and spicy Arrabbiata sauce. It’s like a chicken parmesan sandwich. It still includes lettuce, mayo, and a crispy chicken patty. No price was listed online   So, Jensen asks, Chicken and Cheese, I’ll give them the credit or talk to Dr. Drew for 6 hours about our homeless epidemic? Eat It or Beat It? Here’s our take:

Allie will eat it all day because it sounds excellent, so Eat It!

Kevin will eat it all day because it sounds excellent, so Eat It!

Beer Mug will eat it all day because it sounds excellent, so Eat It!

The Fast Food Report with Jensen Karp - McDonald's McChicken Mozzarella
Courtesy of McDonald's South Korea

The closest Hardees to Los Angeles is in Oakwood, IL. It’s the same thing as Carl’s Jr., with the same logo and everything. Jensen introduced us to their new sandwich, the New Prime Rib, and Fried Egg Biscuit. It’s currently only in Tennessee and Florida and features sliced prime rib, Swiss cheese and a fresh-cracked fried egg on the chain’s signature made from Scratch Biscuit. Yes, It’s an aggressive way to start your day. Fried eggs and prime rib right off the bone, or spend 24 hours passing kidney stones? Eat It or Beat It? Here’s our take:

Kevin would take the kidney stones because of the Swiss cheese, so Beat It!

Maybe only because he’s in the middle of a juice cleanse but, Beer Mug is saying yes, so Eat It!

Allie says yeah, why not, so Eat It!

Last one, and it’s a pallet cleanser. We’ll make our way over to Chick-Fil-A, who just the other day launched a new side to their menu. Now, to go along with your chicken sandwich, you can have waffle French fries or a Kale crunch salad. We have to let Kevin know off the top, that it is not fish, it’s a blend of kale and cabbage tossed with Apple Cider and Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette and topped with salted, crunchy almonds. It’s only 120 calories per serving and can be substituted with no additional charge for any meal and gives customers a brand new healthy choice. I’m into the kale, put it down my throat or I’d rather see Def Leopard’s drummer jump rope? Here’s our take:

Kevin would like to see the jump rope, he’s not interested in kale, so Beat It!

Beer Mug would like to have it put down his throat, so Eat It!

Allie has never had Chick-fil-A and she will continue to never have Chick-fil-A, so Beat It!