Photo: Cody Black

Tenacious D Talks New Album, Upcoming Tour + Cal Jam with Kevin & Bean

October 12, 2018

Jack Black and Kyle Gass, better known as the mighty duo Tenacious D, stopped by The Kevin & Bean Show to talk about their forthcoming album, upcoming shows, and their recent set at Cal Jam 18.

The greatest band in the world will be releasing their new 21-track album, Post-Apocalypto, on November 2nd. The album is being accompanied by an illustrated 6-part series that is being released on Youtube, since they were denied almost everywhere else. "It's actually some of our sweetest stuff we've ever done," says Black. "We tried to go with Netflix, HBO, and all the rest - for whatever reason, I think because we're ahead of our time, they weren't able to wrap their heads around the concept so we were like 'We have no choice, we're going Youtube.' And God bless them for giving us a platform to put our show on."

The duo chose to go with their own low-budget artists, stating, "We have a theory, and it's based on Beavis and Butthead, that it doesn't have to be a great drawing to be a funny drawing. We could have got a better artist to do all of these drawings, but I don't think it would have been funnier that way," continues Black. "It's the most Tenacious D thing we've ever put out."

The conversation turned to Tenacious D's performance at the Foo Fighters' Cal Jam festival last weekend. They talked about checking out this "new band" Greta Van Fleet, as well as Black Mountain. "We definitely felt like we gotta take it up a notch, and I think we did. That was one of our better shows I think, although our shows are all pretty rad," says Black.

"But dude, Foo Fighters closed the show and they close with a Nirvana reunion! That's pretty badass," Black continues. "I've always said Tenacious D should be the new lead singer of Nirvana, but no one's listening," he laughs.

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Photo: Cody Black

The guys talked about how they first started getting into music. "I was singing a lot as a kid. I would sing along to albums at home. I did a lot of 4-track recording of harmonies in high school, but it wasn't until I joined forces with Kyle in the late 80s that he taught me how to play acoustic guitar. He was my guitar teacher and best stoner friend," says Jack.

"Then we started working on 'Tribute,' our first song. We worked on that for about a year and a half, and then we had our first concert where we only had one song, just 'Tribute,' and it was pretty powerful. And weirdly, in the audience, was Harry Shearer of Spinal Tap. He thought we should be called Pets or Meat, but we went with Tenacious D against his wishes. Just the fact that he was there was special."

Tenacious D will be debuting new songs at their "big unveiling of the new album" November 3rd in New York City, then they'll follow with a tour which comes to the Hollywood Palladium December 21st. "We've got a big plan for the show. It's gonna be kind of like Pink Floyd The Wall, it's like a concept album concert. We can't really peek behind that curtain just yet."

Tickets to Tenacious D's show at the Hollywood Palladium December 21st are on sale now via