Fierce Opinions with Garbage: Shirley Manson Reveals Her Fascination with Billie Eilish

April 23, 2019

Last week (4/18), Garbage stopped by the KROQ studios to chat with Kevin & Bean. They talk about their writing process, the upcoming new album, and Shirley Manson’s fascination with Billie Eilish.

Manson admits that she is in admiration of Eilish’s work and no doubt agrees that her music is great, but there is one thing that bothers her. “There is this bizarre appetite for younger and younger white girls. It scares me, I don’t like it,” Manson said.

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Kevin & Bean asked if she’d prefer record labels to wait on signing young women until they’re 21. Manson said, “I think they should be left alone until they are 18 so they can explore who they are and what they are so that when they do get out into the public situation, they’re a bit more prepared for it.”

Photo by Tanner Grant

She passionately continued on to say, “Young women need to be protected and I will do my very best to do that.”

Garbage will be at the Shrine on May 16. You can purchase tickets HERE.