Muse on New Song 'Something Human': "It's Our Soft Side"

Muse soft-rock Kevin & Bean with a new song and when to expect the follow-up to ‘Drones’

July 19, 2018

By Scott T. Sterling

Muse fans, we have a release month.

During an exclusive interview with The Kevin & Bean Show this morning, Muse members Matt Bellamy and Dominic Howard dropped some major bombshells.

The guys announced that their long-awaited eighth studio album is set for release in November 2018. The album will follow the band’s 2015 effort, Drones.

Bellamy and Howard marked the occasion by sharing a brand new song, “Something Human,” the latest advance from the forthcoming full-length.

“We throw out curveballs every now and again,” Bellamy explained when questioned about the new track’s unexpected sound.

“This song was an acoustic-based song. It was the first time that I’ve written a song on the acoustic guitar for 15 years at least. Something about getting out the acoustic that just makes you get a bit more heart on the sleeve, a little more personal and intimate about what you’re singing about,” the singer shared. “Really, it was basically me on acoustic guitar, but then we found ways to enhance it and add bits and band parts to it and electronic bits. It’s definitely different for us. It’s uptempo, it’s light, it’s kind of lightweight in tone, so. It’s our soft side, I’d say.”

Pressed on what inspired him to pick up the acoustic guitar after so many years, Bellamy said the inspiration came in response to a particular cliché about Muse, one he thinks gets a little too much play in the media.

“I’ve done a lot of interviews over the years where people say… they talk about how we do everything on such a big scale and over the top and crazy, and I’ve always said that I’d like to do something a bit more stripped down. I never actually have done it until now,” he expounded.

Bellamy made sure to explain that “Something Human” isn’t indicative of the new album’s overall vibe.

“In terms of the album we’re working on, this is probably the softest side of it,” he detailed. “It’s been a while since… I can’t remember the last time we put out a song as a single that laid back.”

“I just like the song a lot,” chimed in drummer Howard. “It was literally the first thing I heard it was just Matt playing the guitar and singing it. So it’s a case of how are we going to do this? But I just really like the song, so we figured out how to turn it into what it is.”

“This is a very traditional song for us,” Bellamy added. “Everything about it—the chords, the structures, the melodies—you can just play it on acoustic.”

“Something Human” arrives with an elaborate music video that Kevin called “the very opposite” of the stripped-down nature of the song.

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“The idea has come up, but we were like, ‘Shall we do it? Is it really gonna work with this song?’ And I just thought, well, yeah,” Howard explained. “It’s so different to the way that song sounds. I thought, let’s just do it. I think it adds a nice dynamic.”

As for the new album, Bellamy revealed that the band is finishing it up now, already deep in the mixing stage with more recording needed for a particular track.

The release will feature 11 tracks and an additional seven or eight songs that will be “acoustic or alternate versions of the songs,” according to the band’s frontman. One of the bonus tracks will showcase a gospel choir.

“The album has got a lot of harder rock on it as well, it’s got the usual stuff,” Bellamy shrugged matter of factly. “We’re excited about it.”

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