Photo: Tanner Grant

Muse Reveal They're Not Allowed to Perform "Uprising" in China

Matt Bellamy opens up on Muse being banned in East Asia

July 19, 2018

By Scott T. Sterling

Whenever Muse takes the stage to perform in China, the group is forbidden from playing one of its most popular songs.

Frontman Matt Bellamy revealed that “Uprising” has been permanently banned from Muse’s playlist in the East Asian nation.

“They control your setlist. We’re not allowed to play ‘Uprising’ in China,” Bellamy said during an exclusive interview with Kevin & Bean while sharing the band’s new song, “Something Human.”

“I remember the first time we were gonna go there, we didn’t agree to modify the setlist. So they wouldn’t let us come in (to the country). So that was it,” he explained. “In Russia, I never got that feeling at all. Russia feels completely open.”

The Muse singer also shared another unusual legality the band encountered on tours of Asian nations.

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“In Malaysia, it’s illegal to spit,” Bellamy deadpanned. “We got given a warning before going on stage like, ‘Do not spit, otherwise you’ll go to jail.’”

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