Muse Discuss New Song “Thought Contagion” On Kevin & Bean

February 15, 2018

Photo: Tanner Grant


Matt Bellamy and Dominic Howard from Muse stopped by The Kevin & Bean Show to discuss their new song "Thought Contagion" and the band's upcoming plans for a new album.

Bean pointed out that many of their song titles, including "Thought Contagion," sound like episodes of 'Black Mirror.'

"Very good call. Great call. I watched Black Mirror the first season when it was out on TV like 7 or 8 years ago or something crazy. It was just 3 episodes. I didn't know what it was and I loved it," says Bellamy.

"Now it's been on Netflix and I've sort of caught up with the whole thing in the last actually 6 months. So that's actually a good call, because there's a lot of simultaneous influence from that to this album I'd say."

If you're wondering what Muse is going to be up to next, Matt and Dom revealed plans for what sounds to be a pretty epic tour.

"We're doing a couple of festivals to keep ourselves sharp this year whilst making the album. We're going to finish off the album and put out at least one or two singles after 'Thought Contagion,'" says Bellamy. "Album hopefully later this year or early next year... depending on what we do with this single thing. And then next year we'll do some insane production world tour thing where we reinvent the wheel of touring basically."

"We've got some pretty cool ideas. We're going to be doing something hopefully that's never been done before."