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KROQ DJs & Guests Wish Bean Farewell As He Leaves the Kevin & Bean Show

Ahead of Bean's last day on the Kevin & Bean Show, well wishes poured in on social media.

November 6, 2019

Earlier this year, after 30 years on the KROQ airwaves, Gene "Bean" Baxter made the announcement that he would be leaving the Kevin & Bean Show to move to England and pursue new opportunities. Ahead of Bean's last day on the show, well wishes poured in on social media from KROQ DJs, friends of the show, and listeners alike. 

Morning show co-hosts Allie Mac Kay and Jensen Karp took to their Instagrams to talk about their experiences working with Bean over the years and wish him good luck on his upcoming move. 


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Tomorrow marks Bean’s @bean9 last week on KROQ. (Thursday is his final show, then they’re off to NYC to enter their 2nd Hall of Fame). As many of you know, I grew up listening to K&B. My Mom would try and switch the channel to listen to KRTH, but eventually found them as funny as everyone in our carpool. Getting to work daily with the genius that is Bean has been a goddamn delight. He’s more than a pro - he’s so smart, prepared, and hysterical...especially when things go off the rails. Any station in the UK will be lucky to have him. I know he hates mushy stuff - but i’m going to miss him….as a coworker and a friend. He’s truly as lovely a human as you’ll ever know. I’m blessed to have gotten to know him and his incredible partner in shenanigans, Donna @fancy.baxter ❤️ I’m so excited for this next chapter of their life - they’re deserving of all the goodness coming their way. Bean, it was an honor. I love you and will miss you terribly.

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With two shows left for @bean9, it’s been difficult to decide whether to write about him as a co-worker or just a fan. He’s actually the member of @kevinandbean I’ve personally known the longest. He walked into @galleries1988 to look at art around 13 years ago, and I instantly recognized the voice I had been hearing since I was a kid. We became internet friends, usually sending each other art links or him asking me rap questions and me hiding my fandom. Then when I became a frequent guest on the show, I was ecstatic to even be a footnote in their creativity. The Kevin & Bean show is a legit foundation of LA radio and was a major influence on my sense of humor decades before I was given the honor of joining it (which I still pinch myself about). Bean is a one of a kind human. Sensitive, hilarious, extremely weird. He is a true student, and teacher, of radio, and we must protect him at all costs. London is getting a genius and the least they can do is stock candy corn all year long. You will be missed - but forgotten almost immediately. ❤️

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Current Kevin & Bean Show staffer Beermug, as well as former board op Chip and former morning show producer Richard Cheese also reflected on their time working with Bean on the morning show. 

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Dear @bean9 , Before you quietly drift into the afterlife tomorrow morning, I just wanted to express my gratitude for letting me take part in your gargantuan legacy, and for putting up with/encouraging all of my shenanigans over the past 13 years. To this day, I’m still amazed watching you “turn the wheels of steel” and glide seamlessly on and off the airwaves. Never could’ve I imagined while driving to a.m. classes as a college kid listening to @kroq, that one day I would play a role in one of the biggest and longest running Los Angeles morning radio shows. Have a fantastic life in the U.K., and I can’t wait until the house I just purchased directly next door to yours closes escrow! See you soon--! #RIPBean

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So nuts Thursday is the last K&B show. I started listening to @kevinandbean when I was 8 years old, thanks to my mom obviously giving no fucks what her child was listening to (and turns out she didn't care about much) ------, so my sense of humor was definitely warped from early on. It was a dream (no NOT THAT DREAM) to get to work with @bean9 for 10 years, even when everytime I asked him to turn his mic down because he was peaking, I would get "*silence...looooong sigh... Ok". But even more than that, Bean is an amazing friend and one of the funniest aholes I have ever met. It's a shame he died. #RIPBean. (Btw, the sex dream break was one of the funniest moments I've ever been a part of ... You sure it wasn't @alliemackay?) Here are pics from when I visited him and @fancy.baxter in Seattle. I'm sure the first response if I tell him I'm visiting the UK will be "oh its a shame England is closed that week. I also moved to Moscow" ♥️ ya Bean! #BeatItKid

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Other current and former KROQ DJs also showed their love for Bean, with Nicole Alvarez, Stryker, Megan Holiday, and Kat Corbett each writing about what Bean meant to them on their Instagrams. 

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Dear @bean9 , with your final day approaching, I wanted to say this: I remember when I first got to @kroq and I remember first meeting you. My first impression besides “look at this tall drink of water”, was that you were one of the most interesting and self aware people I had ever met . Besides your charm, your sense of humor, your dashing good looks, and your radio prowess, I will also never ever forget your kindness. Every single time you see me, you make me feel like a ray of light. You have always been gracious with your time and stopped whatever you were doing to spend even just a few moments with me. You’ve also welcomed me into your home. We have a special little bond you and I , and I will keep you in my heart forever, near or far. I refuse to say goodbye, so I will simply say THANK YOU. You mean the world to me. There is no one on Earth quite like you. Wherever your journey leads, I will always be somewhere close cheering you on. I ♥️ you Bean.

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Thank you to the @kevinandbean team, day after day, week after week, year after year you have delivered an incredible show‼️ -- On a personal level, thank you @thekevinryder and @bean9 for your professionalism and generosity---- You allow those around to shine, its a trait that is hard to find ⭐️ When I think of my own highs at #KROQ, I owe it to you guys, allowing me to fill in over the years on show biz or playing my Afro line calls or interviews..... I still say... “holy cow I was on the KEVIN AND BEAN SHOW” -- It blows my mind that you even know my name. . Bean, thank you for your dedication to kroq over the years, none of us could have achieved anything without you and your partner Kevin leading the way---- That’s the 100% truth. . @alliemackay @jensenkarp and Kevin is going to be a perfect mix of insane, funny, and smart! Cheers to you Bean, wishing you and ❤️@fancy.baxter ❤️the best on your new journey. #kroq #kevinandbean

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Tomorrow morning Bean @bean9 will do his last show. When I joined the on-air staff @kroq it was intimidating as fuck and I was overwhelmed with insecurities. I didn’t know Bean. Had never met him. One weekend he came into the studio and told me he was so happy I was there. It changed everything. Generous both on and off the mic, there’s a long list I could write about his contributions and support of others—he donated a kidney FFS. He’s an incredible interviewer, makes me laugh like hell and a good sport. A sweet husband and friend to animals. When he signs off at KROQ, I’ll just tell myself he’s on another one of his wacky vacations visiting post offices or weird museums until he resurfaces somewhere in the UK. Any show would be lucky to have him. After years of waking up at an ungodly hour, sleep Bean, sleep. Relax. Recharge. And tackle your next challenge with all the wit and weird skills you possess. I love you. ❤️ Wishing you and @fancy.baxter all the best on your new adventure. #radio #kroq

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Frequent guests and friends of the Kevin & Bean show such as Gabriel Iglesias, Doug Benson, Walton Goggins, Merrin Dungey, and Noelle Scaggs of Fitz and the Tantrums also said their goodbyes on social media. 

Bean's last show on KROQ will be Thursday, November 7th from 5am to 10am on the Kevin & Bean Show. Fans can share their favorite morning show memories and good luck wishes with Bean by sending their messages to the Kevin & Bean Show on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, or by reaching out to Bean directly on his personal Twitter and Instagram

And, of course, #RIPBean.