Kevin & Bean's: People Are Dumb

Kevin Brings us the Funniest Stories and the Biggest Fails

July 30, 2019

Kevin searches far and wide to find some of the funniest and craziest stories about people who just aren’t thinking as clearly as they should be. They usually get in trouble for what they do and it makes headlines in the news. When that happens, we find the best of the best and bring you a little something we like to call, ‘People Are Dumb’.

It’s not surprising that the first story comes from Charlotte County Florida. A 43-year-old man was arrested for dropping his pants in front of deputies and then running off to drink a beer in the woods. Brian Arrigo ran up to deputies who were conducting an unrelated traffic stop and essentially mooned them for unknown reasons. Having nothing to do with the deputies, he just ran up to them, mooned then and ran off into the woods. The deputies went looking for him and they found him drinking a beer. And, that’s the whole story.

A Lucas County sheriff’s deputy Alan Gaston stopped by a local IRS office to ask a question about a letter he received. Gaston was in full uniform with a radio, badge, and gun, had a gun pulled on him by a security guard (referred to in the story as “Paul Blart”) and tried to arrest the deputy for carrying a gun in the IRS office. The guard asked Gaston to leave his gun in his car and Gaston informed the guard he couldn’t do that. That’s when the guard drew his weapon with his finger on the trigger. Luckily for Gaston, the entire incident was caught on camera. To add another side to this story, someone inside the office called 911 and said that there is a man with a gun that he won’t relinquish and said nothing about the man with the gun being a uniformed deputy sheriff.

A 65-year-old man made a fake bomb threat to get a date with a flight attendant. The Serbian man wanted to keep the flight attendant in the country longer after she refused to go on a date with him. He called Lufthansa and said there was a bomb on board flight LH1411. They had to evacuate 130 passengers and 5 crew members while the plane was searched by a special police squad and bomb-sniffing dogs causing an 8-hour delay for the flight. Click here to read the entire story.

A fight over fries ends in gunfire at Ga. McDonald’s because the fries were cold. A woman returned to the McDonald’s to complain about cold fries. They started to get into an argument with the manager when another employee stepped in. The customer then went to her car and returned with a gun and shot a bullet into the ground. Click here to see a video and read the entire story.

The mother of all traffic stops comes out of Guthrie Ok. Police pulled over a truck for expired license plates. Here’s what they found; the truck was stolen, a rattlesnake, a gun, an open bottle of whiskey, and to top it all off a canister of radioactive powered Uranium. This guy was probably in the middle of the weirdest scavenger hunt ever. Police are still working to determine why the suspects had uranium in the vehicle. Officers also said there were no charges related to the rattlesnake because it is rattlesnake season and he had a permit.