Kevin & Bean: Your Romantic Song is Weird

Bean and Donna along with Dave and Krista have weird romantic songs

May 8, 2019

The romantic song that Bean and Donna share is ‘Wildfire’ by Michael Martin Murphy. It’s a country music song from 1975 about a guy and his girlfriend and their pony. First, the Pony dies, then the girlfriend dies, and then the man dies so that he can be with them and ride the horse in heaven. How is this anybody’s romantic song?

Dave “The King of Mexico” and his girlfriend Krista have an odd relationship. One day while making fun of couples for having a romantic song, Dave suggested “1st of Tha Month” by Bone Thugs N Harmony because it was the first day of the month when they were having this conversation. Dave picked this song for a purely self-serving reason, it would help him remember their anniversary.

We opened up the phone line to callers and here’s some weird romantic songs that our listeners shared with us.

Kyle from San Dimas has a romantic song that may or may not involve a suicide just in case one of them dies.

Emilia from Orange has a weird romantic song that she got from her husband.

We got a text from the (909) explaining that they are not affectionate PDA people and that she and her husband have not held hands in 15 years.

Rob from Sherman Oaks met his wife while working together at a software company and they had to keep their relationship a secret.

We got a tweet for Ed in Austin and his weird romantic song is “Girlfriend In A Coma” by The Smiths.

Jill from Culver City has a song that her husband changes some of the lyrics to something that would make you think of R. Kelly.

Joe from Whittier and his wife share a very special punk sing-a-long song because it always happened to be on the radio at important times in their life.

Aiden from Orange has a song that, aside from death, it’s a good song.

Taryn from Orange has a song that is all about love, but death at the same time. She played this song for her husband when they started dating and now he always wants her to play it for him. It also looks like there may be a car crash in their near future too.