Kevin & Bean: Strange Instagram Accounts

The Kevin & Bean Show share and talk to listeners about the strange IG accounts they follow

May 7, 2019

We had a very interesting discussion about some of the strange Instagram accounts that we follow. Allie used to follow a door account, but now follows the hashtag, #doorsofinstagram becuase the door account was letting her down. She also once followed an account that posted photos of Cheetos that looked like other things. Lately, she’s been very interested in looking at cabins and follows 5 different cabin accounts on IG.

Here are some the accounts Allie follows:

My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece Claude Monet #doortraits by @heyandiehey

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Keeping the wolf on the door | Chelsea #doorsoflondon #london #doors #wolf #chelsea --

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Check the link in my bio to see my cameo in the TrueKey by Intel music video! Share what makes you unique and truly #1in7Billion - and you could be in the next video! #ad

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The perfect cabin for a weekend getaway ---- By @titus_anthony Follow us @thecabinland

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------ @treehousepoint #cabinvibes

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Casey, our finger on the button girl, used to follow an account called “Poos with a view.” This account featured toilet seats with great views. Sadly that account is no longer active. Another strange account that she follows that is active is @catsinbidets. Shout out to 2pac.

Guess who's back? Via @insta_ylenia

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Jensen follows a few strange ones as well. One where people fall off bikes and skateboards and one where artists from Ghana create movie posters for American films without any prior knowledge of the film or having seen the film either.

Here are the accounts Jensen follows:

Who got it worse? @icecoachmonica

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Beethoven painted by Heavy J! Thank you to @trucenillis for picking this one up at our Ghanaian movie poster and flash show at @purple_sun_brussels. Next stop Paris tomorrow and Wednesday @galeriep38 then Saturday and Sunday in Amsterdam @patty_morgan! ------ ••••• #ghanamovieposters #deadlypreygallery #movieposter #africanart #art #ghana #painting #tattoo #tattooart #artforsale #movie #movies #beethoven #horrorart #horror #horrormovies #comedy #stbernard #dogsofinstagram #dogs #doggie #dog #dogart #90s #90smovies #heavyj

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We opened up the phone lines to the KROQ listeners and here are some of the accounts they enjoy following. Check them out, you might find one you like and give them a follow. 

Nikki from Santa Monica follows @dilfs_of_disneyland. We then found out that every woman on the show also follows this account. It's a solid account.

DOUBLE DILF spotting ------ #unclemike #dilfsofdisneyland #unclesofdisneyland #dilfs #hotdads #disneydads #mikerosenthal #jenshusband #disneyland #johnlegend

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Grace from Los Angeles follows @camera_duels. It's actor Cole Sprouse photographing people who are trying to sneakily take a picture of him.

Let’s be clear. This is the face of an absolute patootie. Like an npc that sells pastries lookin ass patootie. And yet, regardless of resident patootiehood, there existed a demon inside her ribs that drove her to take secret photos of my lunch. Perhaps she was a blogger? One of the ones that gets all dressed up and invites her friends to a meal just to spend 30 fucking minutes taking photos of their dish to an audience of 10 mukbang fetishists. Or perhaps they were -just- a duelist? I’ll let you decide which is most likely. Now this was a particularly special duel, because after it took place, as I got up to leave, she asked for a regular photo. I imagine my face looked quite a bit like that evil curled smile in the old animated grinch movie when I retorted: “haven’t you already gotten one?” I laughed, she laughed, her demon laughed, it was a good time. I took a normal photo with her. All seemed right in the world. It was then that Patoot asked her friend if she wanted a photo as well, to which her friend said: “no. I don’t like him anymore.” Well -fuck you very much- strange woman getting hammered on tomato juice at 11:30 am, I don’t like you anymore either.

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A listener from Los Angeles, Queenie68 tweeted in that she follows @cupsoftarget. It's beverage cups that people have left throughout Target stores because they are too lazy to throw them away.

“Luke, I am your frother.” #StarWarsDay #target #targetfinds - --: @real_mai_ nice find!

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Jackie from South El Monte follows Satan. He's hilarious, but he doesn't follow her back. #Goals

Smh when do I get credit for doing nothing?

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Listener Beth tweeted in that she follows @miserable_men. It's photos of men waiting around at shopping malls looking bored. 

Al Bundy is posted up in the Macy’s #miserablemen lounge. It’s nice the stores are finally recognizing us as a major part of the shopping experience. But let’s step it up a notch and get some tv’s in our area.

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Jonathan in Los Angeles follows @subwaycreatures. It's photos of the people who ride subways from all across the world.

The puppet master, Larry #subwaycreatures (@shivalryaintdead #LarryTheBirdman)

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Are there some weird or strange accounts you think we should be following? Let us know!