Kevin & Bean’s: People Are Dumb

August 28, 2019

Kevin searches far and wide to find some of the funniest and craziest stories about people who just aren’t thinking as clearly as they should be. They usually get in trouble for what they do and it makes headlines in the news. When that happens, we find the best of the best and bring you a little something we like to call, ‘People Are Dumb’.

A Florida man was arrested for allegedly putting $56 worth of steaks down his pants. A loss prevention officer caught the man as he was leaving the store. According to police, he was under the impression he would only be removed from the store for trespassing not arrested if they caught him in the act. The steaks were recovered but not put back on the shelf because of where they were found.

A man was arrested for sitting on a couch. A 19-year-old man is facing aggravated burglary and resisting arrest charges after he allegedly refused to leave a couch Aug. 18 in a stranger's house. A 23-year-old resident called the police at 6:45 am and told officers a man had entered the home and was sitting on the couch. He said no one knew the man and he did not live in the house, and he had no idea where he was from. Officers found Steven M. Bermudez-Martinez sitting on the couch. Police informed him he was under arrest for aggravated burglary. As officers approached him, they discovered he had two knives. They took away the knives and they had to fight him to get him off the couch. Bermudez-Martinez is now in the Lorain County Jail on a $20,750 bond.

A burglar caught snoozing in a hammock in his victim’s garden told police he was 'tripping' during a drug-addled crime spree. Shaun Davies admitted burgling three sheds at a property in South Wales, on while carrying a knife and “tripping” on speed. The police asked him if he was responsible for the burglary, he said: “I couldn’t tell you – I was off my head.” The homeowner walked downstairs and saw him in the hammock and called the police. As he was being taken away said, “I’m really sorry ma’am. I’d like to make it up to you and work in your garden.”

Sheriffs were summoned to the Walmart store near Tampa on Thursday where they found Michael Dale Hudson blocking the liquor store entrance with his golf cart. He demanding to speak to the manager and he wasn’t moving until the manager came out. While deputies spoke to him, they said he suddenly drove into the store towards people that were in there shopping and rammed into the cash register. He was jailed on multiple counts of aggravated battery.

A man walked into a Walmart for wine, what he did next in the bathroom, he was arrested for. A man was unwilling or unable to cough up $6.98 bottle of Barefoot Riesling and ended up behind bars. According to the arrest report, Ty Kelley entered a Walmart store on Wednesday, walked to the alcohol aisle grabbed a bottle of wine, stuffed it down his pants and took it to the bathroom. Minutes later he came out of the bathroom with an empty bottle, tossed it in the trash and just walked out the front door. A loss prevention officer flagged him in the parking lot and then the police showed up and arrested him.

A group of 6 senior citizens were busted for having sex in a public bathroom. Ranging from 62 years-old to 85 years-old were busted on sex charges earlier this month after being involved in lewd and sexual activity in a public park. The group was caught in the act on Aug. 9th at the Grace Richardson Conservation Area in CT. The area is known as an area for people to have sex. The group consisted of 5 men between 62-85 years old and one 85-year-old woman.