Kevin & Bean’s Great News: Meet the Kid Whose Town Is Turning the Nighttime into Daytime for Him.

Every Monday morning we bring you feel good stories to balance out all the bad news

August 12, 2019

Today on Kevin & Bean we have GREAT NEWS stories for you. We find news stories that make you feel good and restore your faith in humanity to balance out all the bad news you hear on the news.

This morning Bean introduced us to Randa Ragland from Pinson, Alabama. She received a nasty anonymous note from a neighbor that said, “Neighbor, Please take pride and straighten up the exterior of your house. Your eyesore is affecting the resale value of our homes. Who wants to buy a house near you and look at that daily? It does not take that much effort, all you have to do is give a S*** Do Better!!!” She was angry at first but did not have the energy to deal with that because her son Jaxen, who has autism and is nonverbal, was recently diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma. Ragland decided to post the letter on Facebook and ask people to be kind to your neighbor. People then started to show up to help out and clean her house, inside and out. People even brought supplies for the family. This was Bean’s GREAT NEWS!!!

Kevin brought our attention to two 13-year-old Peyton Madden from El Dorado, Kansas. Peyton has a rare allergy: he’s allergic to sunlight. His rare genetic disease is called Xeroderma Pigmentosum where a person’s body doesn’t heal from the damage that sunlight causes and its effects are cumulative. Because of this, he doesn’t get to play with his friends or play sports. He also misses out on a lot of parties because people don’t know how to handle his disease. Well, all of this changed one day when the town of El Dorado got together an organized a special day where they changed the nighttime into daytime, and he got to play outside without any of his protective gear. They set up lights, they had a pool party, and the whole city is there to have a daytime with him. He was completely surprised by the whole thing and it was a night he will remember for the rest of his life. This was Kevin’s GREAT NEWS!!!

Today Allie told us about Megan Ashley, who 2 weeks ago took a flight from San Diego, Ca to Nashville, TN. She took to Facebook to praise an unnamed man who comforted and helped a 96-year-old woman who was traveling alone for the first time in decades. The elderly woman was flying to visit her family for her birthday but was terrified of flying. He is being called her Flight Angel because she asked to hold his hand during take-off and it didn’t end there. She again asked to hug him when there was some turbulence, he helped her stand, get to the restroom, helped her get to the wheelchair, get her bag, explained everything that was going on, and simply was there for her. A lovely young man who was comforting a stranger on a flight. This was Allie’s GREAT NEWS!!!

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