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Kevin & Bean’s: People Are Dumb

If There's One Thing We Know, It's People Are Dumb

November 5, 2019

Kevin searches far and wide to find funny and crazy stories about people who just aren’t thinking as clearly, we call it ‘People Are Dumb.’

Kevin searches far and wide to find some of the funniest and craziest stories about people who just aren’t thinking as clearly as they should be. They usually get in trouble for what they do and it makes headlines in the news. When that happens, we find the best of the best and bring you a little something we like to call, ‘People Are Dumb’.

Our first story comes out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama where a student at the University of Alabama is in jail after police say he made threats to LSU’s Tiger stadium. 19-year-old Connor Bruce Croll is suspected of calling in a bomb threat during Saturday’s game versus the University of Florida. Police say he admitted to calling in the bomb threat to stop the game because “His friend was on the verge of losing a large bet.” Now, that’s a wingman. He’s being held in Tuscaloosa without bond and is expected to face charges in Baton Rouge including making false bomb threats on school property.

In Illinois, a man was arrested after giving police a fake name despite having his real name tattooed on his neck. Matthew Bushman supposedly gave a false ID and Birth Certificate to officers. Authorities said the Bushman, or “Matty B” as it said right across his neck, had a warrant out for his arrest in Peoria County and so he lied about his name. He was arrested on October 11th for obstructing justice and booked at Coles County Jail.

Coles County Jail

A man drives by himself in a stolen car to take his driving test. This story comes out of the UK. The man drove to take his driving test, then took the driving test and failed it for the 10th time. After failing for the 10th time the police noticed that the car that he dove in, by himself, is stolen. So, they arrested him on suspicion of stealing the car and he’s being held without bail as well.

West Midlands Police

Wilson, North Carolina, officers stopped a vehicle on October 5th at the Food Mart. The authorities got out of the car, they approached the car that they had pulled over, and the car they pulled over, took off. The officers chased the vehicles for about 2 miles before the driver of a black Ford Taurus, with blue lights on top, pinned the vehicle between it and the police car. So this guy stops the car from getting away. The driver of the Taurus, David Adams 30, pulled out a gun ordered the driver of the suspect's vehicle out of the car, Adams then handcuffed the suspect and began searching him. The police asked him to stop, and after checking into it the police arrested Adams for determining he was not a police officer.

Wilson Police Department

A Florida man named Joseph Bieniek, 24 was arrested Saturday on multiple charges after police say he vandalized a local business. There are two businesses named here, and Bieniek doesn’t work at either of them. First Bieniek broke into United Plumbing and stole a forklift and drove it to a neighboring business iMold, and started to breakdown the property’s fence. Once inside he took out a hammer and started smashing office and car windows. Bieniek then returned to United Plumbing took off all his clothes and jumped in the shower. From there a completely naked Bieniek grabbed his hammer and started smashing windows in that business. An employee at United Plumbing heard several bangs and came out of the office and hound him, “Standing in the warehouse with a hammer in his hand. Court records show that Bieniek faces several charges including burglary, grand theft, and criminal mischief.


Finally, a man tries to steal flute by sticking it down the back of his pants. This story will “crack” you up. The “cheeky” thief in the act. The surveillance video shows him walking around with the flute in his hand. The video shows him carrying the flute over to where the camera is and puts id down the back of his pants. The flute was so long it was comical. It was sticking out of his pants, it moved his shirt over and you could clearly see it, it was absurd. The thief was confronted before he could walk out the door and he said that he has a flute and that’s where he keeps his flute. It was taken out from his pants and the man got away empty-handed. The owner could not in good conscience ever have anybody put their lips on that instrument. So he decided to turn the “glut” flute, into a lamp. This is the best.