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Kevin & Bean’s: People Are Dumb

If There's One Thing We Know, It's People Are Dumb

November 18, 2019

Kevin searches far and wide to find some of the funniest and craziest stories about people who just aren’t thinking as clearly as they should be. They usually get in trouble for what they do and it makes headlines in the news. When that happens, we find the best of the best and bring you a little something we like to call, ‘People Are Dumb’.

A bored man was jailed for making dozens of burping calls to 911. 28-year-old Rhys Pilott, who repeatedly dialed 911 and burped down the phone lines because he was bored has been sentenced to jail. He made 13 nuisance calls on 24 September, and 19 more three days later. The calls were "easily distinguished" as being made by the defendant as he was "audibly belching down the phone line." A Judge sentenced him to 28 weeks in prison and told him he was wasting valuable emergency services time.

A reckless driver told cops he was racing home after “cheating on his wife.” A Florida man pulled over Sunday night for driving recklessly told police that he “needed to get home in a hurry because he was cheating on his wife.” Cops report that Jon Earl Pickard, 52, was behind the wheel of a 2015 Honda that was going in excess of 90 mph in a 55 mph zone. When stopped by Police around 7:30 PM, Pickard said, “I was reckless driving and endangering because I needed to get home in a hurry because I was cheating on his wife.” They busted him for reckless driving, a misdemeanor. But when cops searched him after he was arrested, they found a baggie with crack cocaine in his shirt pocket. He told them “It only cost me $50.00.”

Tarpon Springs Police Department

24-year-old self-proclaimed “Dragon Girl” spent over $37,000 modifying her body. She recently went blind for three weeks after tattooing her eyeballs blue. She claims that it is the latest in body modification. She also has over 200 tattoos on her body, she’s had her tongue split and her ear lobes were stretched. Blue haired Amber also said she got a boob job, cheek and lip filler and pointed implants in her ear. She calls herself the Blue Eyed White Dragon and says she first developed her bizarre fascination with extreme modifications at 16, said the eyeball job was the most dangerous procedure she had done to date, but it has been done before. She says she can’t even describe the pain. The best advice she can give is to not do this.

Finally, three Indiana Judges have been suspended after a brawl that left two wounded from gunshot wounds. The Judges were in Indianapolis for a convention back in May. They were drinking heavily the night before the judicial conference. They tried to visit the strip club called the Red Garter, but they weren’t allowed in, so they went to the White Castle. As a car was driving by and honking, the female Judge flipped them off. The car stops and turns around they get out of the car and they start throwing blows. Two judges were shot and the gunman drove off.


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