Kevin & Bean’s: People Are Dumb

If There's One Thing We Know, It's People Are Dumb

September 10, 2019

Kevin searches far and wide to find some of the funniest and craziest stories about people who just aren’t thinking as clearly as they should be. They usually get in trouble for what they do and it makes headlines in the news. When that happens, we find the best of the best and bring you a little something we like to call, ‘People Are Dumb’.

An Ontario Canada man drives away from court minutes after a Judge prohibits him from driving. He faced a judge on charges of drunk driving and was ordered not to drive for a full year. Five minutes after he was told not to drive, he got in his car and drove home. Investigators say a police officer was in that courthouse on an unrelated matter but saw him walk out and followed him on a hunch that maybe he would get in a car and drive. He did and they followed him and pulled him over. His car was impounded and he’s due back in court September 30th.

A drug addict dressed up as a police officer stormed into a friend’s house screaming “This is a police raid. Get on the floor face down. Where are your drugs?” Thinking he was the real deal, they handed over the ice and cannabis stash to Daniel Thomas. One of the victims, who he hit in the head and was out temporarily, he woke up his pants were pulled down and buttocks spread to check for drugs. So while he was out Thomas did a thorough search for drugs (That’s some kink, right). Thomas was jailed for 11½ years and must serve nine years before being eligible for parole, he had a lot of other charges as well.

Swedish scientist proposes cannibalism to fight climate change. The scientist talked about the potential of cannibalism in a broadcast on Swedish TV. He referred to eating human flesh as the food of the future. Based on his scientific analysis, the downside is the widespread taboo of eating people and the conservative attitude of Swedish people to try cannibalism. Local weather change activists said that they should consider alternative meat sources, but he didn’t mean people, he meant plant-based sources. They have also been talking about using bugs as a source for a meat alternative. I know we have problems, but I don’t think we’re ready for “Soylent Green” yet.

An Oregon man regains his stolen Jeep with several bizarre items left behind in it. Several thieves suspected of stealing an Oregon man’s car made a major mistake. Joe Williams’ 1995 Jeep Cherokee was stolen last month from outside his home in Portland. A week later, police contacted him after finding the vehicle with the engine running and windshield wipers still going. Once the car was back in his possession, Williams discovered several odd items belonging to the car thieves, including a stuffed bear, a tattoo gun, ink, and rubber gloves. Williams' teenage children found a disposable camera in the glovebox that the family had forgotten about. They got the photos developed and realized the suspected thieves had taken selfies and photos of each other.

A man in Pert Australia tried to rob a liquor store by jumping down into in through the roof, got stuck and then couldn’t get out. The security footage shows him drinking bottles, throwing chairs through windows, and kicking over tables around the pub. After drinking and destroying the place he passed out on the pool table. He put bottles in a shopping cart, ate food and snacks but was unable to get out. The cops show up to arrest him and he’s being charged with stealing, destruction of property and after causing $50,000 worth of damage.