Kevin & Bean’s: Animal Stories

Bean Loves animal so much so, that he brings us all the great stories of animals in the news

October 15, 2019

Our man Bean scours the internet to find all the best and hilarious stories involving animals from around the world.

Bean never thought he’d be talking about Lizzo in Animal stories, but she is a huge animal rescue proponent. When on tour, she often works with animal rescues in cities that she’s visiting, to bring dogs to the venues to play with them and then promote the animal rescue on stage. She was recently in Wisconsin and she posted a bunch of photos of her with a little dog named Saba. Well, one of her crewmembers adopted the dog and changed his name to Poke. Now, Poke is on tour with Lizzo and enjoying that Bling-Bling lifestyle. Poke is 100% that bitch. How great is that?

Quito, Ecuador. Guinea Pig is a very popular food item in Ecuador. It’s high in protein, delicious and cheap. And now there is a woman that has created quite a sensation, she created a guinea pig ice flavored cream. Guinea Pig is known as Cuy in Ecuador, and stall owner María del Carmen Pilapaña says people are surprised to find out that she sells this flavor, but once people try it they love it. She sells 150 servings of guinea pig ice cream per week. It apparently tastes like chicken. She is also working on new flavors. She has been working on Pork ice cream, and crab ice cream as well. So far she is known for her guinea pig ice cream.

This next story is for Allie. In Vail Colorado, a bear broke into a woman’s home, she saw the footage on her security cam and had the time of his life in there. He opened up the freezer and ate an entire gallon of ice cream (no word on whether it was guinea pig ice cream). He ate a box of flour. He drank pancake syrup. He downed a Costco sized sack of chocolate bark. He also opened a jar of peanut butter. Apparently bears just look for and are attracted to a bunch of calories, just like Beer Mug. He then walked over, on his hind legs and to a piano and started playing the piano. He came back a couple of hours later, and the woman is excited to have a bear in the neighborhood but has boarded up the window above her kitchen sink, in which he came through.

A little Fox Terrier named Duchess walked out of her owner's house in Orlando Florida, through the doggie door and never returned. This was back in February of 2007. The owner Katheryn Strang made lost dog signs, vet to vets and local animal shelters doing everything to try and find little Duchess. Well, she got a call last Friday, again, the dog disappeared in 2007. She got a call 12 years after Duchess disappeared. A man had found a dog underneath his shed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania almost 1,000 miles from Orlando. He took the animal to Humane animal rescue, they scanned the dog her microchip, they called her and said, “We have your dog.” What has Duchess been for 12 years? Her owner always held out hope that duchess would be found, even after all these years. In fact, in Florida, you have to pay an annual fee to keep the microchip active and even though she was gone for a year, 5 years, 10 years she was still paying for the chip just-in-case. She drove almost 1,000 miles to Pittsburgh to pick up her dog. But, seriously after 12 years, how much time does she really get to spend with her dog.

This has been animal stories.