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Kevin & Bean’s Great News: Meet the Students That Gave Clothes to a Bullied Classmate

Every Monday morning we bring you feel good stories to balance out all the bad news

September 16, 2019

Every Monday morning we have GREAT NEWS stories for you. We find news stories that make you feel good and restore your faith in humanity to balance out all the bad news you hear on the news.

Today Bean shared the story of Abby Fink from Phoenix Arizona. She sent a message to a friend of hers at church, that she was going to be bringing the family dinner, and was asking what time would be good to bring it over. She thought she was texting a friend with a sick kid and instead she texts the wrong number. His response was unexpected. Bill wasn’t the intended recipient but he asked what he could do to help. Abby asked Bill to pray for the sick child, but Bill didn’t pray. However, Bill was quick to volunteer with donations, food and other needs. Fink was stunned because it’s hard to find people who want to help and serve others. Bill who is a single father, used it as a teachable moment. He told his son, “It’s just what people do.” Bill has also rallied friends on Facebook to send gifts and card for the sick child. He even contacted a local charity who is also going to help too. This week Bill is going by the hospital to meet the sick child and to meet the family. This was Bean’s GREAT NEWS!!!

Kevin told us about Celebrity cruise ships and Royal Caribbean cruise ships are delivering thousands of meals to help residents who were affected by the storm. These are the islands they travel to, and they’ve been destroyed. Crewmembers worked overnight to pack 10,000 meal boxes to deliver to Freeport, the Bahamas last Thursday morning. For the next week, Royal Caribbean plans to change their schedule so that at least one of its ships arrives at Freeport each day with food. 60 restaurant & 40 bar crewmembers along with 40 cooks worked in the ships main ballroom packaging meal boxes and preparing hot food. They also plan to take evacuees from Freeport to Nassau Thursday evening. They’re going to keep trying to help in every way they can. This was Kevin’s GREAT NEWS!!!

Allie told us about two high school football players that took it upon themselves to help out a classmate in need after he was being relentlessly bullied for wearing the same clothes every single day. Kristopher Graham and Antwan Garrett are students at MLK College Preparatory School in Memphis, Tennessee. They reached into their own closets to help give classmate Michael Todd a new wardrobe. This kid was wearing the same clothes for weeks and people caught on to that and started making fun of him, including these two guys on the football team. Then one day they had a change of heart. So they texted each other and agreed to raid their closets for clothes and shoes to give him at school the next day. They have the same third period and they apologized for laughing at him and they gave him the gifts to try and make up for that. Michael Todd was very emotional and said that he has been bullied his entire life and admitted that he doesn’t have a lot of clothes at home. A school representative says that Todd’s situation isn’t unique within our school because they serve a demographic where the household income is well below the state and national average. This was Allie’s GREAT NEWS!!!