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April 15, 2019

Today on Kevin & Bean we have GREAT NEWS stories for you. We find news stories that make you feel good and restore your faith in humanity to balance out all the bad news you hear on the news.

This morning Kevin introduced us to Dr. Ramon Resa. At 2-years-old he was given up to a family that already had 14 children. A year later at age 3, he was picking cotton to help support his new family. Dr. Resa overcame several obstacles in his life to become a doctor. When he reached college he was inspired to be a doctor because his family had a long history of poor medical attention. Among other things, he knew the migrant community in the central valley was underserved and lacking in quality healthcare. Dr. Resa now serves the migrant community and their children in California’s central valley where he grew up. Dr. Resa is also the subject of a documentary called Ramon Rising and he also travels the country, inspiring young people to reach for their dreams. Last week Dr. Resa was the keynote speaker at the Cesar Chavez Legacy Awards in Los Angeles on Thursday night. This was Kevin’s GREAT NEWS!!!

Allie brought our attention to an eighth-grade English teacher, Jessie Cayton. Her post went viral for using a mental health check-in board for her students. It’s a board where students can communicate how they are feeling. With all the attention the post received the creator of the check-in board spoke out to express why she created this. Erin Castillo, a high-school English teacher started this to build relationships with her students and let them know that she cares about them. This allows the teachers to talk to their students about the things that are bothering them on a weekly basis. This is what is bringing these students closer to their teachers. Castillo also expressed “I would love to see this poster in every classroom. There is something more to this than just hanging a poster though. Teachers have to have a discussion surrounding the topic of mental health.” This was Allie’s GREAT NEWS!!!

Started class with this check-in today & I’m so glad I did. Students wrote their name on the back of a sticky note and then placed it in the row that most accurately aligns with how they’re feeling right now. ••• Time away from school is really hard for some of my kids. Coming back to school can be really tough, too. We’re sleepy, or cranky, or anxious, or turned all the way up to 1,000. It’s easy to misinterpret behavior and it’s cause. But I’m grateful (especially as the day goes on) to have a little context for why we might be making the choices we are. Even though there are like 12 minutes till STAAR, it’s worth it to take a minute to do a check-in and follow up with kids. I’m glad, too, for them to take a minute to figure out how they’re feeling. Happy Monday, y’all! [just found the og creator of the version I’d seen in several places on insta! She has a version in her tpt store! Thanks, @makingastatementinsped!>

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Made this mental health check in chart after seeing @missjohnstonsjourney use a digital version for teachers on her #okayteacher Facebook page. I asked my students to write their names on the back of a post-it note so I could check in with ones in the bottom two sections. I explained the green section as them struggling, but speaking to another adult or trying to work through it themselves. ••• I was able to start some check ins today, and holy cow these kids. I love them. My heart hurts for them. High school is rough sometimes, but I was happy that a few were given a safe space to vent and work through some feelings. ••• I also like that students could visually see that they aren’t alone in their struggles. It was a beautiful minimum day focusing on self care and mental health. ••• --UPDATE: just added a printable version with detail instructions so you can do this in your classroom! It’s FREE!-- • • • #mentalhealthawareness #highschoolteacher #secondaryela #teacherorganization #teachings #anchorcharts #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #teachersfollowingteachers #iteachtoo #teachertips #weareteachers #teacherspayteachers #teacherideas #teachingideas #specialeducationteacher #teacherlove #teach #weteachsped #teacher #iteachhighschool #elateacher #teachergoals #igteacher #igteachers #teachersofig

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Today Bean told us about Adrian Salgado from Santa Ana California. His work truck was stolen with $1,000.00 in cash, his cell phone along with all the tools and equipment for his landscaping business. Salgados daughter filled a police report and the authorities were able to locate the stolen truck via the “Find My iPhone app. The two suspects were caught with $500.00 each, in cash, but claimed it was their own. All of the equipment missing and gone. The police officers from Santa Ana then chipped in $500 along with the Santa Ana police union contributed another $500. They then went to Home Depot to help Salgado pick out new tools to help him continue his landscaping business. Home Depot even contributed another $100 to help the victim as well. When Salgado got home with his truck and all the new tools and equipment he went right back out to work because he had more jobs to do that day. This was Bean’s GREAT NEWS!!! Click here to reat the whole story.

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