Kevin & Bean: GREAT NEWS!!!

Every Monday morning we bring you feel good stories to balance out all the bad news

April 29, 2019

Today on Kevin & Bean we have GREAT NEWS stories for you. We find news stories that make you feel good and restore your faith in humanity to balance out all the bad news you hear on the news.

This morning Allie introduced us to Jamario Howard and his two friends, JaMychol Baker, and Tae Knight. They were having lunch at Brad’s Bar-B-Que in Oxford, Alabama when Howard noticed something that broke his heart, an elderly woman named Elanor eating all by herself. Howard went over to sit with the woman and learned that the next day would have been her and her late husband’s 60th anniversary. He immediately offered his condolences and invited the woman to share a meal with him and his friend. She happily agreed and they snapped a photo that has gone viral. They also plan to make time for each other to keep in touch. This was Allie’s GREAT NEWS!!! Click here to read the whole story.

Kevin brought our attention to Ka'Shawn Baldwin and officer Roger Gemoules of the Cahokia Police Department. Baldwin was on his way to a job interview in a borrowed car with expired plates, and an expired license as well. Baldwin explained to the officer that he risked driving because he didn’t have any other way of getting to the job interview. Rather than writing Baldwin a ticket, officer Gemoules drove Baldwin to the interview. Baldwin got the job and was very grateful that officer Germoules helped him out rather than writing tickets, taking him to jail or taking away the vehicle. This was Kevin’s GREAT NEWS!!! Click here to read the whole story.

Today Bean told us about a History teacher at Mae Jemison High School in Alabama named David Green. He and his wife have a baby daughter that was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia six months ago and still has 4-6 months of inpatient treatment ahead. Green only gets 1 sick day a month and used them all up so he can no longer be with his daughter while she gets treatment. So, fellow educators in Huntsville, Alabama, all chipped in with their sick days and it totaled to 100 sick days. Green and his wife were very grateful that he can now be with his daughter for the treatment. This was Bean’s Great News!!! Click here to read the whole story.

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