Kevin & Bean’s: Animal Stories

Bean Loves animal so much so, that he brings us all the great stories of animals in the news

October 1, 2019

Our man Bean scours the internet to find all the best and hilarious stories involving animals from around the world.

A lot of listeners were thinking about Bean because they sent him this fun story. A woman forced to bite a camel's testicles to escape after it sat on her. A man, woman, and their deaf dog are at a truck stop a few miles west of Baton Rouge that happens to have some exotic animals. The man throws some dog treats on the ground and some of the treats went into the enclosure of the camel. The dog chased after them and got into the pen with the camel. The woman, concerned for her dog, goes into the pen as well. The camel then sits on her, nearly crushing her. The camel weighs 1,100lbs. and the woman had to do whatever she could to survive and bit the camel's testicles. 'I bit his balls to get him off of me,’ is what she told the police. The woman was taken to the hospital to be evaluated and the camel was unharmed.

Bean’s wife has a family of raccoons that she hand feeds every night. That is why she would enjoy going to the newly opened Raccoon café in Ukraine. The Raccoon Cafe gives customers the unique opportunity to interact with and give belly rubs to Liza and Bart, a lovable pair of raccoons adopted from a local eco-farm when they were just babies. Just like we have cat cafes and puppy cafes, there is a raccoon café in Ukraine. The exterior of the café pays tribute to the masked mammals with a mural of Guardians of the Galaxy’s Rocket Raccoon and other raccoons dressed up as superheroes. Like Ukraine doesn’t have enough going on these days. Customers wait up to 30 minutes to pet the raccoons and with about 200 people per day, it is a huge hit!

A Georgia woman went to fill up her tank last week when a deer leaped over her head, kicking her in the process. She’s pumping gas in Brunswick Georgia and she thought she was being robbed when she got hit in the back of the head. She stood there to process what had just happened and saw a deer scampering off.  The video below shows what happened. The woman was running late to work, and now she’ll have to explain to her employer that she was attacked by a deer.

A lady named Jill Hicks was driving down the road in Tennessee, she spotted what she thought was a rabbit dart across a busy street, she stopped and realized it was a kitten. It didn’t run from her and was playful like a kitten would be. She finally got home with it and set up an area with food water and a bed in the garage for it because she already had a dog and a cat. She invited her neighbor to come over and see her kitten. The neighbor came over and pointed out to her that it was not a kitten, but a bobcat. She said, “Thank the lord for my neighbor because, I was going to give her a bath, put her in the bed with me.” Hicks took her to For Fox Sake Wildlife Rescue instead.

And finally, ever since Sept. 10th, a yak named Meteor has been on the run. Every once in a while an animal will evade the slaughterhouse and will run around. People will inevitably rally behind it and say that it deserves to not be slaughtered, it should be spared, right? Well, this was a yak in Virginia where they were cooking up a bunch of yak burgers, recently. He escaped on Sept. 10th and was finally found last Friday. Bean was excited because he thought he was going get some sort of food parole, but in fact, he was hit by a car and killed. Meteor seemed like an awesome yak, and Bean wishes he had better news, but he doesn’t. That’s how this story ends.