Kevin & Bean's: Animal Stories

Bean Loves animal so much so, that he brings us all the great stories of animals in the news

August 30, 2019

Our man Bean scours the Internet to find all the best and hilarious stories involving animals from around the world.

Allie’s dream death almost happened to a couple in Pine, Colorado, John Johnson and Georgia field were in their living room when they heard noises coming from their kitchen upstairs. He walks upstairs and finds himself face to face with a mother bear and one of her cubs sharing a loaf of bread. They had opened the screen door and just walked in. He hit the bear in the stomach and she swatted him on the nose. Meanwhile, this gave his wife Georgia time to come upstairs with a Louisville Slugger Baseball bat and took a few swings of her own. She said all she remembers seeing was a big round blob in front of her and she wacked that bear as hard as she could. Her husband was impressed with her grace under pressure. The bear then turned and ran out. John, however, suffered cuts to his face, chest and both arms and his wife was unharmed. This is another example of a man being saved by a woman.

Suzie Torres from Kansas City, Missouri first noticed something was wrong when she felt some discomfort in her ear last Tuesday morning. She woke up and her “swooshing” and what sounded like water in her ear. So she went to the doctor and was examined and they discovered an insect in her ear. What happened next shocked her. She was told it was a spider and she is particularly afraid of spiders. Doctors worked their magic and removed a Brown recluse spider. It’s a species that can cause stinging pain, severe lesions that require medical attention and several days off work, as Kevin knows first hand. Luckily the spider did not bite her. She is not taking any more chances and she’s being a lot more cautious now.

A surfer in New Smyrna Beach, Florida was trying to catch some air while riding the waves today, but instead of landing on his surfboard, he landed on a shark. The shark then bit the surfer on the legs and his fingers. He believes the shark was 6ft. long and possibly a bull shark. Upon being bitten, his first thought was to get out of the water.

On July 21st while out fishing in Bodega Bay James White felt a strong tug on his line. He struggled to reel in whatever was on the end for about 10 minutes. When he got it into shallow water White saw what he had hooked: a 6-foot, Sevengill shark. He went to remove the hook from the shark when it twisted, fell to the ground, and sank its teeth into White’s ankle. He yelled to some fisherman nearby for help but before they could get to him someone else did, his 1-year-old, 100-pound pitbull Darby. White left Darby in his car parked a few yards away. Darby heard his owner yell and the dog managed to open one of the car doors and race down the hill to his owner. Darby grabbed it by the tail and the shark let go and he pulled it off his leg. White tossed the shark back into the water and it swam away. He doesn’t know how he would have gotten the shark to release were it not for Darby. He says the dog definitely saved his leg from more damage. He couldn’t be prouder of Darby and didn’t know he was capable of springing into action like he did but he’s eternally grateful he did.