Keep It 100 – Owl City “Fireflies”

Every Friday morning texter number 100 gets their KROQ song request played

March 1, 2019

Every Friday morning around 9:00 am Kevin & Bean invite you to text in any song request from a KROQ band past or present to 1-800-520-1067. Texter number 100 gets their song played and you'll even introduce it on the air.

Today… Is Kimberly’s lucky day. Kimberly is from Van Nuys and Bean was more than happy to refer to her as a fellow “Hoot” because that is what you call people who are Owl City fans. Kimberly was, unfortunately, texter number 100.  She requested “Fireflies” by Owl City (and quite frankly ruined everyone’s morning). Kimberly has texted in this song 38 times. She didn’t even answer her phone this morning when we tried to get ahold of her to introduce this song. That is how embarrassed she was for requesting this song. We hope you’re happy, Kimberly. As we all roll our eyes.

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