Keep It 100 – The Offspring “Want You Bad”

Every Friday morning texter number 100 gets their KROQ song request played

August 2, 2019

Every Friday morning around 9:00 am Kevin & Bean invite you to text in any song request from a KROQ band past or present to 1-800-520-1067. Texter number 100 gets their song played and you'll even introduce it on the air.

Today, Chip from Los Angeles was texter number 100! Today is Chip’s last day here at KROQ and with us here at the Kevin & Bean Show. She has been a pillar on which the show has relied on for over 10 years and she’s moving on to greener pastures as she continues her career in Sports and Entertainment. She was an asset to the show and one of the shortest members of our family. Her laughter in the background has always been a staple of her role as an agent of chaos that was always followed by Kevin’s loving response of, “Shut up, Chip!” She will be severely missed. This weekend Chip is already making plans to stay out late on Sunday night to attend Brad Williams’ show and not set an alarm for Monday morning. Chip's request today is both a bop and a jam. She requested her favorite band The Offspring “Want You Bad”. R.I.P. Chip.

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