Adler Karp

Jensen Karp Updates Us On His Son Adler

July 8, 2019

Jensen Karp, co-host of The Kevin & Bean Show, called in to give us an update on his new son, Adler, who was recently born prematurely (a month early) with fluid inside his lungs.

"We were very lucky in the sense that the baby came out crying so we knew that he, Adler Lawrence Karp, 6 pounds 5 ounces, we knew that he was breathing immediately - which was very nice," said Jensen.

"We basically are now in a waiting game, trying to figure out what that fluid was, at the same time he's still a preemie, he's still basically 2 weeks early at this point. Danielle and I sleep on a matchbox bed, it is the size of a sardine can, and we're here 24 hours and she's been an incredible partner," continues Jensen.

Jensen also wanted to celebrate the work of the amazing NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) staff who has been there for him and his wife throughout their difficult time. "These nurses and doctors are literal angels given to us. We've been in the hospital now for two weeks watching them take care of these kids, and we found out how many people out there have faced this same sort of journey and how joyous it can be at times and how painful it can be at times."

"It's difficult, but we're so happy to be in the right hands and these amazing people who have been taking care of little Adler."

We continue to send our love and support to baby Adler, Jensen and his wife Danielle Fishel, and the amazing NICU team.