Kevin & Bean’s Great News: Meet the High school Sweethearts who Re-united and Married After 63 Years

Every Monday morning we bring you feel good stories to balance out all the bad news

October 28, 2019

Today on Kevin & Bean we have GREAT NEWS stories for you. We find news stories that make you feel good and restore your faith in humanity to balance out all the bad news you hear on the news.

This morning Bean introduced us to Milwaukee police officer Kevin Zimmerman. A few weeks ago he pulled over Lashae Jackson and noticed she had her young daughters in the back seat of her car, but they were not in car seats. He asked why the children were not in car seats, and she replied that she could not afford them. So, Officer Zimmerman, instead of writing this lady a ticket goes to Walmart and buys this woman 2 car seats. That’s not all either, after his shift he goes to her house to install the car seats correctly for her. He, “Believes in doing the right things, even when no one is looking.” This was Bean’s GREAT NEWS!!!

Kevin brought our attention to Jeff Covel, a school crossing guard who loves the Washington Nationals in Arington, VA. He was surprised with World Series tickets by the students and their families. He and his family have supported the Washington Nationals and attended games as regulars for almost 15 years. He planned to buy tickets himself, but they were about $1,500 each and he couldn’t afford that. So, he made a sign that said, “Need World Series tix (1 or 2). For one game only, prefer face value, ‘Bucket List.’ Mr. Jeff Crossing Guard.” Kids and their parents saw that and over 60 families got together and enough money in one week to buy him a pair of tickets to a World Series game. Last week a group of families and students went up to him at work to deliver the tickets and he was blown away. He went to go see the Nationals in the World Series. This was Kevin’s GREAT NEWS!!!

Allie told us about a couple that rekindled their love after 63 years. In 1955 Annette Callahan and Bob Harvey met in High School study hall. They went to prom together and fell in love. Then, life got in the way. After High school they lost touch. They each got married and had a family, But Bob never stopped thinking about Annette. In July he Googled her and learned that she, like him had been widowed. They reconnected over the phone and then Annette invited bob over for a visit. They were recently married at a ‘50s diner and now complicated is now complete after 63 years. This was Allie’s GREAT NEWS!!!


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