Courtesy of The Underculture Podcast

Get Up On This with Jensen Karp: The Underculture Podcast with James Adomian

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November 14, 2019

Every Thursday morning Jensen brings our attention to something that we may not know about yet or something we may have overlooked in the past.

Now it's time to "Get Up On This."

This week Jensen gets us up on James Adomian and his Underculture Podcast. Jensen first found out about Adomian from Scott Aukerman’s podcast, Comedy Bang Bang. Since first being exposed to his characters there, Jensen quickly became a massive fan. You may know James best from his Bernie Sanders impression that allowed him to tour all over the US alongside Anthony Atamanuik, who performed as Donald Trump.

Adomian has a podcast on the Foreverdog podcast network called The Underculture. Adomian explains that it started as the show pretending that they had come across leaked audio from different individuals akin to something unauthorized that Wikileaks would find and release as an excuse for him to perform as Joe Biden telling Pete Buttigieg where the bodies are buried.

The episodes include him doing incredible impressions of former pro wrestler and 38th Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura. For one episode, he sits as Ventura with Shaquille O’Neal, voiced by Carl Tart. He also impersonates Billionaire Elon Musk, Los Angeles radio broadcasting legend Tom Leykis, television host Huell Howser, and Los Angeles based radio food critic Merrill Schindler.

We spent the better part of this week’s Get Up On This laughing at all the live impression Adomian performed in-studio and although nothing is better than hearing him perform them live, we also heard clips of him impersonating Gary Busey, Paul Giamatti, and Bernie Sanders.

The episodes are released every week on Thursdays anywhere you get podcasts. It’s also available via Patreon, so you can subscribe to get the episodes earlier or bonus materials to support him. He has several guests come by the show including Alice Wetterlund and UCB founder Matt Besser, who recently performed Greta Thunberg and it’s incredible. Do yourself a favor and download the podcast and get familiar with this very funny man.