Get Up On This With Jensen Karp: Joy Ride / Don’t Breathe / Session 9

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October 17, 2019

Every Thursday morning Jensen brings our attention to something that we may not know about yet or something we may have overlooked in the past.

Now it's time to "Get Up On This."

It is officially Rocktober (insert guitar solo) and that means the scary season is officially upon us. This month Jensen will be bringing us three different horror films that most people haven’t seen. It’s only 12 movies and an easy way for Jensen to do less work over the next four weeks. This week Jensen gets us up on these horror movies Joy Ride, Don’t Breathe, and Session 9.

The first film of this week is not only Jensen’s favorite thriller but also one of his favorite movies of all time. He’s mentioned it on the show before and he’s always excited to talk about it - it’s Joy Ride. Released in 2001, it stars Paul Walker and Steve Zahn. It’s directed by John Dahl and was written by the executive producer of Silicon Valley, Clay Tarver, and J.J. Abrams. Not enough people know that and you wouldn’t assume that this movie was written by them, but that alone should make you want to see it. Walker goes on a road trip to pick up his brother, played by Zahn, from jail. Along the way, he picks up a girl that he’s trying to date, who he’s been talking to on the phone, played by Leelee Sobieski. On the drive, they purchase an old CB Radio and decide to pull a prank on a trucker. They pretend to be a woman and start talking to a trucker with the handle, Rusty Nail. When the prank goes sideways, they realize they’re dealing with a psychopathic killer voiced by Ted Levine in an uncredited role. Also, Walton Goggins randomly shows up as an extra.  It’s campy, it’s scary, it’s tons of fun and it’s best quality? , It’s one hour and thirty-seven minutes long.

The second pick this week was a surprise hit at the box office so some people have seen it, but when Jensen brings it up, people seem to have never heard of it. It’s the 2016 Horror thriller, Don’t Breathe. It’s directed by Federico Alvarez, who hit the scene with the surprisingly good 2013 remake of Evil Dead. The movie follows 3 young adults with hopes of walking away with a massive fortune when they decided to rob a reclusive blind man in their neighborhood. The movie is set in the depleted city of Detroit and they end up getting a lot more than they bargained for. It’s a great twist on the “homeowner fights back” genre. Stephen Lang plays the blind man and he might be the only person you recognize in the movie. He was in Avatar and in the 1986 psychological horror film, Manhunter. The best part about this movie? – one hour and twenty-eight minutes.

The third and final pick of this week is a movie that a ton of experts across the board consider the most underrated horror movie of all time. In fact, if you were to google “Underrated horror movie,” this is the film that comes up the most. It is a movie from 2001 called, Session 9. It’s a psychological horror movie directed by a guy named Brad Anderson. He’s best known for his 2004 Christian Bale loses too much weight movie, The Machinist. It stars David Caruso and Josh Lucas, who are two members of an asbestos removal crew on a job at an abandoned mental asylum. The group starts to experience tension, dissonance, and disappearances almost immediately after learning more about the former patients from tapes of therapy sessions they find. Session 9 is a great movie that was well crafted however, it bombed in theaters.  It is a true hidden gem. But, the best part of the movie is, it’s only an hour and forty minutes.

This week of scary movies for the month of Halloween are Joy RideDon’t breathe, and Session 9. Jensen encourages everyone to view along, especially if you haven’t seen one of these yet. It will be fun to watch together. Next week Jensen will have a whole new set of Halloween movies to get you up on.