Chris Jericho Talks AEW, Rock Band 'Fozzy' on the Kevin & Bean Show

October 7, 2019

Chris Jericho stopped by the Kevin & Bean show this morning to talk about AEW, the future of wrestling, and his many projects on the horizon. 

"I think the fact that AEW exists is what made wrestling cool again," Jericho said about the cultural popularity of wrestling in the modern age and the development of new wrestling avenues. "We're giving the artists the chance to be artists."

When discussing how he's constantly working on different creative projects, Jericho mentioned how David Bowie has inspired him. "I was always really influenced by David Bowie and how he always changed, evolved, morphed his style of music, his look. He always reinvented himself," Jericho said, pointing out that Bowie has retained relevance and "never became a nostalgia act." 

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