This Billie Eilish/Kevin and Bean Interview is So Wild

December 9, 2018

By: Scott T. Sterling

Billie Eilish is just chilling.

The singer and Instagram provocateur kept it cool as the other side of the pillow when she rolled up on the Kevin and Bean morning show crew for a little chit-chat. Something of a kiki, if you will.

Your girl was looking fresh to death, though at the KROQ's Absolut Almost Acoustic Christmas. She was rocking the brand new Spiderman AIr Jordan 1s. We’re talking some of the hottest new kicks in the game right now.

Rich Polk/Getty Images for KROQ/Entercom

That’s when the morning show squad shook things up by informing Miss Eilish about a certain Instagram post featuring our hero talking about Justin Bieber being liked by Justin’s new wife Hailey. Hello drama. Welcome to the world of KROQ, Billie!

Insisting that she is as much a fan as any of the legions devoted to her, Eilish called out Canadian singer Jessie Reyez as something literally very special.

“She’s got something in her that’s not human. I don’t know what it is, but there’s some energy in that girl that’s on another planet."

The singer also called out Texas homeboy-band, Brockhampton, as another act that gives her hope for the future of music.

“I don’t know how it happened at all. She showed up in my green room, and I was like, oh my god. Dude, she kissed me on my cheek like 400 times. Like slobbering. But it was like good though because it was Julia Roberts, you know what I’m saying?

It’s one wild ride of an interview—we’re talking a roller-coaster of emotion that includes a cameo from Eilish’s mom.

There is a lot going on in this video. Make some popcorn, settle in and just press play.