Gene 'Bean' Baxter Announces Hes Leaving 'The Kevin & Bean Show' After 30 Years

Lucky for us, we're stuck with Bean for another 9 months

March 6, 2019

This morning, Gene "Bean" Baxter announced he is leaving The Kevin & Bean Show after 30 years on the air. Bean has hosted the show with Kevin Ryder since it launched on January 2, 1990. Lucky for us, we're stuck with Bean for another 9 months. 

Even though Bean will be saying goodbye, the show will continue with Kevin, Allie, Jensen and the rest of the crew. 

A statement from the man himself:

"Well, now it’s out there. We made the announcement on this morning’s Kevin & Bean Show that I will be moving on at or near the end of 2019. That’ll be right at 30 years for Kevin and me doing the morning show together on @KROQ.  Thirty years. More than half my life.

So, it’s time for my wife, Donna, and me to move on to new adventures on a new continent. We are moving back to my homeland, England. I am a British citizen (too) and have spent many vacations there over the years and it always feels like home.

You can hear more of the reasons in today’s Kevin And Bean podcast but I mentioned that none of us are guaranteed a tomorrow. I’d rather take a chance on moving now while I am (relatively) young (compared to Vin Scully) and healthy enough to enjoy it.

But I am not retiring. I 100% plan on continuing to be on the radio in Britain, even though I have this funny accent. I just hope someone will give me a chance.

I have been o-v-e-r-w-h-e-l-m-e-d by the love and support from listeners and friends and colleagues via email, texts , and social media this morning since the announcement and while I thank each and every one of you, it’s way too early for goodbyes. We have at least 8 to 10 months left before I go so you’ll have plenty of time to regret anything nice you might have typed today.

And thanks to KROQ and the rest of the Kevin And Bean Show, past and present, for this magical part of my career. Talk to you in the morning, like always."

He tweeted, "Just announced on the @KevinAndBean Show, after 30 years I am leaving the show at the end of the year to move back home to England, the ninth largest island in the world. Much more to come on this."

Listen to the audio from his announcement below: 

Kevin Ryder saluted his co-host by saying, "Just gotta say, Bean's been thinking about this for a LONG time. And this will make him happy. And that makes me happy :)."