Sound The Alarms, New Music from James Supercave Has Arrived

January 25, 2019

James Supercave


By Reanna Hilario

Coining themselves as the “astronauts of inner space,” psych-pop trio, James Supercave captivates their listeners with their astral indie sound. In 2015, the Los Angeles band first got together for their debut EP, The Afternoon. A year later, on February 12th, they released their first full-length album, Better Strange, which featured their hit songs, The Right Thing and Better Strange. Now nearly three years later, James Supercave is back with new music.

Alarm Will Sound is the newest EP to come from James Supercave. The EP features six brand new songs; three of the songs were released prior as singles and featured on the KROQ Locals Only playlists. The trio takes the fundamentals of trippy space aesthetics and blends them into a groovy and rhythmic sound unlike any other. This new EP pulls influences from the likes of Tame Impala and Alt-J. Each song hooks you in with their fast beats and synthwave melodies.

The tracklist:

  • Alarm Will Sound
  • Come Alone
  • Fools
  • Something to Lose
  • K Town
  • Clued Up

You can stream Alarm Will Sound  HERE. Catch James Supercave at their out-of-this-world headlining show this Saturday, January 26 at The Troubadour in West Hollywood and help them celebrate the release of their newest EP. You can purchase tickets HERE.