The Revivalists Talk "All My Friends" + New Album with Kat Corbett

August 27, 2018
Recording artists David Shaw and Zack Feinberg of The Revivalists



David Shaw and Zack Feinberg from The Revivalists stopped by the Living Spaces Green Room at KROQ to chat with Kat Corbett about the band's latest song, "All My Friends," and what's up next for the band.

After a few years of hectic touring around their album Men Amongst Mountains (which contained the single 'Wish I Knew You'), the guys are finally getting to step back and take a second to relax. "You gotta be able to pause in everyday moments and just take a breath and find yourself where you're at, and enjoy it and have gratitude for everything that comes your way," says guitarist Zack Feinberg.

The discussion turned to the band's forthcoming 4th studio album. "In terms of songs, it kind of came together like the other albums. The thing that was mainly different was... now there's expectation," says singer David Shaw. "You kind of have that to deal with, that kind of an inner battle. You can't think about that too much when you're making the music. You have to be pure," he continues. "We were able to work with some amazing producers to really bring some of these songs and ideas to life."

The band's latest single "All My Friends" was recently added to the KROQ playlist, and KROQ Music Director Miles Anzaldo popped into the interview to congratulate the guys with a custom cake.

"It's some of what we've always done, a little bit of some newness, some things that we haven't done," Shaw says of their upcoming 14-track album. Keep an eye out for the album release in the "not too distant future."