Punk Rock Band L7 Announces New Album, Chats with Kat Corbett

March 4, 2019

Photo by Tanner Grant

By Reanna Hilario

It’s been 20 years since grunge-era female icons, L7 has released new music. Their new album, Scatter The Rats is set to release on May 3 through Joan Jett’s record label, Blackhearts. Recently, Kat Corbett got a chance to talk with the lead singer of L7, Donita Sparks. They chat about how they first got together, L7’s upcoming album and more.

L7 had a reunion a few years ago and just last year, released a few new singles after realizing they enjoyed the process of making music together. Sparks said, “We felt we had something to say - still. And possibly even more importantly, right now.”

Listen to the full audio of the interview here: