FIDLAR Premieres New Song + Discuss Forthcoming Album with Kat Corbett

October 12, 2018

By Scott T. Sterling

FIDLAR is back. Well, Almost.

The Los Angeles punk rock party band is ramping up to release a new album, Almost Free, in early 2019 (Jan. 25, to be exact. Although dates are always subject to change, because rock and roll, man).

Band members Elvis Kuehn, Max Kuehn, and Brandon Schwartzel all stopped by the KROQ studios to have a nice chat with station joq Kat Corbett, whose first question was where in the hell was the lead singer, Zac Carper.

“He’s on the island. He’s on the rock. I think he intentional got lost on the island,” was the group’s laughing answer, insinuation that he’s out somewhere on a surfing vacation.

With January being a good three months away, the guys brought a shiny new copy of their brand new single, “Can’t You See.”

“It’s a song that we made in the studio with Ricky, and sort of took a demo and opened it up and just added to it. It took a while to make, but I think it all came together in this really it cool way,” Elvis revealed.  

The new track features a new wrinkle for Fidlar, with Elvis and Zac trading off lead vocals on it.

“It’s the first time that’s happened, where Elvis sings the verse and Zac sings the chorus,” Brandon explained. “I think working with Ricky kind of helped us collaborate a little bit more than we usually do. He suggested it, and it felt natural, so we went for it.”

Corbett, like the rest of us, had to know: who in the hell is this Ricky person that keeps getting mentioned?

“Ricky Reed is a really great producer. He recently did the new Leon Bridges record,” Elvis said. “He’s done tons of stuff. Zach became friends with him, and we went in the studio with him and met him and got a vibe from him. We all just hit it off. It just felt like having one of our friends in the room with us. He really cared about the music and put a lot of time and effort into it. We immediately clicked with him. It was like we were just hanging out, and then we looked up like ‘oh, we have a record. That’s crazy.’”

The new FIDLAR album boasts even more new nuances to the band’s sound, including a guest appearance by legendary Jane’s Addiction drummer, Stephen Perkins.

“That was Ricky’s call. Ricky uses this engineer Bill Malina, who’s like an old-school engineer guy. He’s awesome,” Elvis enthused. “He used to work for Van Halen for years. So whenever Ricky wants something like oh, percussion or some random player to come play on something, he asks Bill. He’ll be like, ‘Oh yeah, I’ll call Stephen Perkins.’ He came by and he was really enthusiastic and really cool. He brought some crazy instruments.”

“He was vibing out harder than any of us,” Max laughed. “He heard the song for the first time, and he spent the first couple takes just getting in the groove. Like before he even played anything.”

The way the band tells it, Perkins injected the studio session with some much-needed life.

“It was like the last day of us recording, so we were all kind of burnt out. He just came in with all of this energy and we got really pumped. He was great. Such a sweetheart.”

Fidlar is set to return to the Los Angeles concert stage with a show at the Hollywood Palladium on Saturday, November 3. Dilly Dally and Side Eyes will warm up the night as the opening acts. Tickets are available now at