James Bay Talks ‘Electric Light’ and His New ‘Baked Potato’ Style

May 12, 2018

James Bay (Photo by Lester Cohen/Getty Images for KROQ)


By Scott T. Sterling

With his recent aesthetic reinvention into a slinky and androgynous fashion plate, it’s surprising to learn that James Bay takes his style cues from...a baked potato?

The unexpected revelation came while Kat Corbett interviewed Bay before his set at the 26th Annual KROQ Weenie Roast.

The show was less than a week out from the release of Bay’s highly anticipated new album, Electric Light, scheduled to drop on May 18.

“That’s a great feeling,” Bay sighed with a palpable sense of relief about the impending release. “It’s been cool releasing a few songs beforehand, and even playing a few shows.”

The singer recalled a recent show at L.A. club Belasco, a venue which garnered high marks from Bay.

It was a gig that Corbett remembered quite vividly, reminding the singer about the shiny silver pants he sported onstage.

“Sometimes you have to do that,” Bay laughed. “Sometimes you have to take the baked potato approach.”

Bay will be on tour for the rest of the year in support of Electric Light, with a major show slated for June 19—that’s when he’ll open for none less than the Rolling Stones at England’s Twickenham Stadium.