Badflower on Bare Butts and 'Big Bang Theory' in New 'Heroin' Video

December 8, 2018

By: Scott T. Sterling

Badflower aren’t afraid of baring all for their growing legions of fans.

The L.A. rockers gone national with breakout single “Ghost” get really personal in Badflower’s latest music video for the single “Heroin.” The clip features frontman Josh Katz in a torrid tumble with a comely blonde model portraying his girlfriend.

The video also boasts a cameo from Big Bang Theory star, Johnny Galecki, who plays the bad guy who swoops in on Katz’s paramour for an equally torrid romp in the same bed—with a helpless Katz there with them looking on.

“You saw 10 squats a day is what you saw,” cracked bassist Alex Espiritu about his singer’s relative nakedness in the “Heroin” video.

“Ten squats a day for three days straight,” Katz cracked about his role in the “saucy” video during a backstage interview with joq Kat Corbett at KROQ Absolut Almost Acoustic Christmas 2018. “For like three days leading up to the video, I was like, ‘I’m gonna be shirtless, I’m gonna be quite naked in this thing.’”

“I think I applied a little makeup to the left cheek,” Espiritu added with a wry smile.

The guys also chatted about the Big Bang Theory star and friend of the band Johnny Galecki’s turn as the video bad guy.

“He’s dark and sexy, and people need to know it,” Katz explained of Galecki’s role in the clip. “We know it. We’ve always known it.”

Watch Corbett and Badflower get up close and personal in the video clip above.