Alice Merton Reads Nice Tweets with Kat Corbett

May 12, 2018

Photo: Alex Rauch


By Scott T. Sterling

With Jimmy Kimmel cornering the market on mean tweets, Kat Corbett has her own idea: nice tweets.

Corbett tried it out with singer Alice Merton during an interview at this year’s KROQ Weenie Roast in Carson, CA.

“If Dakota Johnson and Harry Styles had a baby, it would be Alice Merton,” shared one tweeter, which elicited a laugh from the singer. “I can’t tell if that’s a compliment. I’ll take it as a compliment. Thank you.”

Corbett also recalled a tweet from Imagine Dragons’ frontman, Dan Reynolds, who earlier this month posted that he listened to Merton’s song, “No Roots,” “At least ten times a day,” adding that “We need more women on alt-rock radio.”

“That was crazy. That was so cool,” Merton said. “My favorite tweet of this whole year.”

Merton has become a favorite with young singers, many of whom share cover versions of her songs online.

“There’s a few kids out there who like singing to my songs,” Merton beamed. “They’re like five, six, seven years old.”

Merton is spending her summer touring America with Vance Joy, and is scheduled to hit the festival circuit with a set at this year’s Hangout Fest in Alabama.