Jensen Karp Announces He and Wife Danielle Fishel Are Having a Baby

The newest member of The Kevin & Bean Show made a surprise announcement

January 2, 2019

Earlier this morning, Jensen Karp surprised The Kevin & Bean Show by announcing that he and his wife Danielle Fishel are expecting a baby boy in July 2019.

Karp, the newest member of the morning show, revealed that he and Danielle (who you may know as Topanga from Boy Meet World and Girl Meets World) conceived the child during their honeymoon in November. "I have not always wanted kids," says Jensen. "I actually didn't want kids for a while, and then I met Danielle and we fell in love. Then I quickly was like, 'This person would be the greatest person to raise a child with.'"

When Bean asked if Danielle got pregnant on their wedding night, Jensen responded that it was during their honeymoon. "I do want to say that it appeared that we picked a day and that's the day we had a baby, which is not a common thing."

Watch the video above as Jensen makes the revelation. 

Congrats Jensen! Please send any well-wishes and baby name recommendations to @JensenClan88!