I Found This On Youtube With Jensen Karp: DJ Khaled

Jensen Karp brings us gems that he finds while watching Youtube videos

November 28, 2018

Jensen loves Hip Hop and radio so much that over the years he's listened to various radio stations and DJ's across the country. A few years ago while listening to Miami's 99 JAMZ he came across weeknights radio DJ, DJ Kahled. Jensen quickly fell in love with DJ Kahled when he heard him do live commercial reads for McDonald's. Jensen knows that DJ Kahled is full of energy and is so unaware of himself that it was great for a long time.

We understand that DJ Khaled can get annoying very fast and is 100% hype and nothing more. His larger than life persona is now so over the top that he's in on the joke and playing it up. He was great for years as spokesperson because he was unaware of himself and because of his ability to sell things with hype. He's currently a social media ambassador for Weight Watchers and his social media following is huge for a reason, because he can sell things. 

Check out some of the McDonald's live reads we listened to this morning and know that before he was famous and annoying, he was once great.