Get Up On This With Jensen Karp: Creative Friendships

Every Thursday morning Jensen Karp gets us up on something new

January 17, 2019

Every Thursday morning Jensen Karp brings our attention to something that we may not know about yet or something we may have overlooked in the past.

Now it's time to "Get Up On This."

This week Jensen introduces us to three different creative friendships. It may sound a little weird but it is essentially a partnership of two people that are involved in a creative endeavor.  They can be best friends, sometimes they are just able to bring the creativity out of each other in a way that no one else can. There are currently 3 pieces of media that embody this perfectly.

The fist example of a creative friendship is a movie in limited release called Stan & Ollie. Jensen has not been able to stop talking about it. The movie stars John C. Riley as Oliver Hardy and Steve Coogan as Stan Laurel. The movie focuses on the twilight of the 1950’s comedy duo’s career. It’s a touching film that comes to life with these gifted actors that shows the complexities of working together in a creative friendship.

Another creative friendship that we was brought to our attention is the A24 podcast episode with Johan Hill and Michael Cera. They do not do too many things together other that the first thing that popped into your mind, Superbad. These two guys are hilarious and have become best friends over time. You would think that these two guys would tell stories about being in Hollywood, but they don’t. They focus on being friends when they were younger. It’s like what you would do with High School friends when you sit around sharing stories.

The third creative friendship is Conan O’brien Needs A Friend. Conan is setting up a re-boot of his show into 30 minutes. During his time off he has taken up podcasting and he’s had on some very big name guests. The latest episode features Adam Sandler. These guys grew up together on SNL and 30 years later they are now neighbors and also getting closer to the end of their careers as well, but they still have a lot to say. They reminisce about old friends and they point out their own weaknesses.

These are all about friends & partnerships, stories about people who are in Hollywood or anywhere else they may live.