Allie and Jensen argue why 'A Christmas Story' is a great Christmas movie.

Allie and Jensen defend ‘A Christmas Story’ from someone who hates everything you love

December 19, 2018

For the past few years a theory on the internet resurfaces around this time of the year and Allie along with Jensen are having none of it. This time it comes from Yahoo Entertainment writer, Gwynne Watkins. In her article, 5 reasons why 'A Christmas Story' is actually a terrible Christmas movie. In it Watkins lays out 5 specific reasons and both Allie and Jensen go on to pick apart some of arguments to give you counterpoints as to why ‘A Christmas Story’ is actually a great Christmas time classic film and a national treasure.

  1. A Christmas Story is all about consumerism. Watkins tells us that Ralphie, really wants a BB gun. But by the end of the film, he realizes the true meaning of Christmas… is shooting things with his new BB gun. Jensen is quick to argue that, “At the end of the movie, the dogs ruin their Christmas dinner so the family goes out and eats at a restaurant, and it’s a beautiful moment where a family… gets together and still has the tradition of being together with loved ones. There is a message in this you stupid moron, you troll, you twitter egg!”
  2. A Christmas Story is not especially about Christmas. Watkins explains that although it takes place during the Christmas season, there really is no plot and the biggest theme is Children in pain. Allie refuses to believe this, “because a kid licked a flag pole and got stuck there? That happened all the time because kids would dare each other and double dog ear dare ya, and your tongue gets stuck to a flag pole.” Allie continues with, “This is the ultimate Christmas movie, it is set during Christmas, and it’s all about what he wants for Christmas.” Jensen also pointed out that it was originally is a TV movie, and that the story does have a plot, but it has chapters because it was taken from a book.

  3. A Christmas Story has no Christmas spirit. Watkins continues her attack on this film by pointing out that, A Christmas Story is about children in pain, making fun of people who are different and learning that life is a series of crushing disappointments. This is where reality sets in and Allie sets the record straight. “Life IS a series of crushing disappointments, Gwynne. It doesn’t matter if it’s set in the summer or during Easter or during Christmas. It doesn’t matter. It’s not a movie about children in pain.” We laugh at this movie and we find it funny because we can relate to this.

  4. A Christmas Story is nostalgic for all the wrong things. Watkins looks at all these issues through the lens of our present day knowledge and not through the realities we all lived through. A long-suffering mom who can’t have anything for herself. A dad who’s angry all the time. A childhood in which his biggest accomplishments were beating up a bully and getting a gun. Allie puts a little perspective on this by letting us know, “We can’t go back in time and change women’s societal roles in the 40’s. Everybody had an angry dad in the 40’s. Stop crapping on people’s lives.”