Local Business Spotlight: Hotville Chicken

Hot Chicken Royalty is Now Slangin' Chicken Sandwiches in the Crenshaw Area

December 31, 2019
Hotville Chicken

Needless to say the last few years have been the era of Nashville Hot Chicken here in Los Angeles.  With the arrival of Howlin' Ray's, Dave’s Hot Chicken, Hot Mother Clucker, it seems like we get a new option every month.  Well, we now have hot chicken royalty calling Los Angeles home. Kim Prince, the grandaughter of the originators of hot chicken out of Nashville, Tennessee now calls the Crenshaw area home.  She did have a pop-up in Chinatown and her presence has been felt at food festivals around the city before calling Crenshaw home. Tucked way behind the Baldwin Hills Shopping Center her quaint restaurant catapults her hot chicken to the top of any best-of list.

The simple menu is dedicated to quality over quantity.  To say Kim only has a few options would be a terrible disservice.  The options she serves are done incredibly well.  Serving chicken by the piece, fish, a few well-done traditional sides and a sandwich she has dubbed the "Shaw".  Her chicken is brined, floured and fried in a secret blend of spices and served with dill pickles and the customary slices of white bread. The menu is simple and perfect, it’s all about the details and preparation.

She offers four heat levels: West Coast Plain, Cali Mild, Music City Medium and Nashville Hot.  I appreciate the tongue-in-cheek gesture that the weaker heat levels are associated with California while the real heat pays homage to Nashville.  When ordering your choice of chicken pieces include: a breast quarter, leg quarter, wings, half chicken and a whole chicken.  Kim's traditional sides include: Mac & Smokin' Cheese, BBQ Baked Bean Trio, seasoned fries, cobbed corn, potato salad, kaleslaw and even waffles on the weekends.

Hotville Chicken Full Meal

The "Shaw," named after the area and the "world famous" boulevard her restaurant is located off, is Kim's signature chicken sandwich. The sandwich has been the vessel for most Angelenos introduction to this style of chicken, in large part due to the popularity of Howlin' Ray's. The sandwich is served open face, crowned with a stack of dill pickles. It's served with a side of crinkle cut fries, seasoned and crisped to perfection, and a side of kaleslaw. The delicate bun is buttered and toasted just enough to hold on to the slaw and the hunk of juicy chicken breast. Kim's sandwich isn't the bohemoth that is the Howlin Ray's sando, but it doesn't have to be. 

I ordered my "Shaw" with Music City Medium seasoning and it defintely packs a punch.  I'm warning you now, if you can't handle your heat do yourself a favor and stop at Cali Mild.  Adding the kaleslaw to the sandwich not only helps with the heat but adds a crunchy and refreshing layer to your bite.

Hotville Chicken Wings

I can't go to a hot chicken spot and not test the hottest heat level they offer so I also ordered a four piece wings Nashville Hot.  Yeah, thats the hottest option they have on the menu. As soon as they arrived at the table I inhaled and instantly started to cough. The wings are served whole; the flat, drum and wingtips are still intact. The wings are enormous. When I separated the drum from the flat it looked like I was holding a huge chicken leg. As for the heat, there's no other way to put it, it's hot. But the chicken is hard to put it down because they’re so damn tasty. As I sat there sweaty, leaking from my nose with puffy lips all I can thought was, "Damn, these wings are delicious."  The heat, although intense, did not linger for too long.  I appreciated that it didn't ruin my mouth and I was still able to enjoy the rest of my meal.

Aside from the food, Hotville's service and staff were fantastic. Everyone had a smile on their face and greeted you upon arrival. I’ve never visited the south but, Southern Hospitality is very well represented at Kim’s Hotville Chicken. I remember seeing the job fair post, they weren't asking for people with a lot of restaurant experience. They wanted people with great attitudes and a friendly demeanor. Kim definitely chose the right folks.

I hope Hotville Chicken has found a permanent home here in the Crenshaw area, where I actually call home. I wish Kim and her staff the best, so please go visit her and enjoy some of the best chicken in LA.


Hotville Chicken: 4070 Marlton Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90008