LAEats - 7 MUST TRY Summer Hot Coffees In Los Angeles

August 3, 2020
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Get ready for some different hot coffees, and even some hot americanos.  We care about the details, from the whole beans and roasters that go in each cup or shot of espresso. Everyone enjoys their coffee in their own way, from drinking it straight with no sugar or cream, to those that like syrups, foams, or even a variety of milks, both dairy and not. We bring you the best coffees from across SoCal.

Use our list of Must try Coffees across LA, as a way to try a new cup coffee coffee everyday this week. Let us know you tired all 7  by using #MUSTTRY and #LAeats.
LAeats moto - To share reviews that get an 8/10 or better. We actually visit and review each place ourselves, without paid sponsorships/endorsements so you can trust the simple and honest reviews for our weekly MUSTY TRY Lists.

The details matter, from the water they use, to the cup they serve it in we look at everything. Do you prefer a hot pour over, or an americano? Do you like single origin, or the house bled? We bring you all the best beans and roasts to keep you charged up in this heat, and give you some interesting places to stop across Los Angeles. 

From Calabasas to Costa Mesa, and Silver Lake to Santa Monica, we have you covered on all your hot coffee, cappuccino, and americano needs in and around LA. From Mid-city to Studio City, this list of must try hot coffees is one you are not going to want to miss.

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Costa Mesa, Del Mar, Santa Monica, & Torrance, CA⁣
Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee

#eatsfact ™ Sidecar Doughnuts rotates their flavors each month along with their classic doughnut flavors.

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☕️ 9|Food -- 9|Service -- 8.7|Environment SINGLE ORIGIN -- $3.00 (Small) . . #eatsfact ™ Sidecar Doughnuts rotates flavors each month along with their classics doughnut flavors. (March 2019) has flavors inspired by Girl Scout cookies like THIN MINT & SAMOA. . Worth the --? -- Worth a return visit? -- . . -- Santa Monica, CA -- Sidecard Doughnuts & Coffee . . @LAeats | 600+ Reviews --+-- All 8️⃣--- . . (March 2019) THIN MINT - Chocolate chip cake w/ a house made chocolate glaze, topped w/ mint cream & a fresh mint leaf. . SAMOA - coconut cake w/ coconut glaze, chocolate & caramel drizzle, & toasted coconut. . . --| By: @laeats + ⌨️| By: @laeats . . CATEGORIES: Coffee Shop, Coffee, Espresso, Coffee Shop, Doughnuts, Donuts . @sidecardoughnuts

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#6 POUROVER (Workshop)
La Colombe Coffee Roasters
Beverly Hills, Century City, Silver Lake CA⁣

#eatsfact ™ La Colombe serves a variety of coffee, undoing a single-origin workshop coffee that changes over the year based on season/region.

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☕️9.1|Coffee --9|Service --8|Environment POUROVER (Workshop) -- $6.00 . #eatsfact ™ La Colombe serves a variety of coffee, undoing a single-origin workshop coffee that changes over the year based on season/region. . . Worth the --? -- Worth a return visit? -- . . -- Century City, CA -- La Colombe Coffee Roasters -- Westfield Century City . . FOLLOW @LAeats 550+ Reviews --+-- All 8️⃣--- . --Tag a friend ---- who’d drink this . . Currently the workshop coffee is Rwanda, a light blend that’s citrusy & great when tried as a pour over coffee. Also available as whole beans in store. . ⌨️+-- By: @LAeats . CATEGORIES: Brunch, Coffee, Latte, Draft Latte, Espresso, Century City, Mall, Westfield Century City, Iced Coffee, Coffee Ship, Pour Over Coffee . . @lacolombecoffee @westfieldcenturycity @todd_carmichael

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Red Window Coffee
Studio City, CA

#EatsFact ™  Red Window Coffee uses sustainably harvested NOVA Maple Syrup from Pennsylvania in their drinks.⁣

Dialog Cafe
West Hollywood, CA

House Drip - Rwanda Nyarusiza (Lime, Cherry, Green Grape)

Tartine Sycamore + Tartine Santa Monica + Tartine Silver Lake (Coming Summer 2020)
Hollywood, Santa Monica, & Silver Lake, CA

Filter Coffee⁣
Coffee Manufactory Coffee⁣

a bloc
Highland Park, CA⁣

#eatsfact ™ a bloc makes offers a variety of milks for their coffee and teas from, Almond Milk, Whole Milk, Oat Milk, Soy Milk, and more.⁣

#1 SINGLE ORIGIN (Costa Rica)
10 Speed Coffee
Calabasas & Santa Monica, CA⁣

#EatsFact ™ 10 Speed Coffee recently opened a new location in Santa Monica on 20th and Santa Monica Blvd. The Santa Monica location is also bike friendly and has its own outdoor patio too.